Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A PIECE OF MY HEART... a mother's Christmas list

This year for Christmas, I wrote out a list for the first time and gave it to my husband. This list contained nothing but practical items that I either needed or wanted.

For instance, for the past 27 years we have used the same hot pads in the kitchen. They are old, tattered and soiled with burn marks and cake batter. One day when I burnt myself because the fabric was worn down so much, I decided it was time to get new pot holders.

  • I put "hot pads" on my list.
  • I received new hot pads!
Another thing that needed to be replaced in my kitchen was the slow cooker. The one that we have was received as a wedding gift 27 years ago. It still works fine, except several years ago the glass top broke and when I use the slow cooker I have to wrap Reynolds wrap around the top. Not a big deal, but I thought maybe after 27 years it was time to get a new one.
  • I put "slow cooker" on my list.
  • I received a new slow cooker.
Periodically, we have things that just need to be replaced, restored or renewed. However, there was one item on my Christmas list that was not going to be able to be replaced. No amount of money could make it happen.

On my tree, for the first time, hung a special ornament. An ornament that represented what was missing in my Christmas...

My son Jeremy, stationed with the Air Force in the country of South Korea was going to have to miss his first Christmas with us. There was no way that this mother was going to receive the gift of seeing her son for the holidays.

A mother's love is a powerful force.

I am reminded of this story of a young mother's love:
A young mom who took her daughter to the local zoo. As she stopped at a concession stand to get some snacks, her little girl wandered off. After spending frantic minutes searching for her, she saw that her little girl had squeezed through the barricades to get a closer look at the bears. Without hesitating to look around or call for help, the young, 120-pound mother ran past the barricades and snatched her daughter out of harm's way.

This kind of powerful love is exactly what God's love is like for us! His love will reach high above what you can ever imagine.

The gift I desired most was peace, love and protection for my son.

  • I put "peace and love for Jeremy" on my list.
  • I received God's peace and love for Jeremy.
Love is powerful.
~A mother's love
~God's love

Are you looking for that kind of powerful love?

2 TIMOTHY 1:7 "God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

God provided this Mother not only a spirit of power and love for her soldier boy, but a sound mind, a peace that passes all understanding. God opened a door for Jeremy's bride to join him in South Korea for a month while she was off of school. Knowing that Jeremy would not spend Christmas alone was the best Christmas gift this mother could receive!


Is Jeremy showing the locals how to use chopsticks??

Jeremy eating at one of his favorite restaurants!

Jeremy Christmas shopping in Korea!

and now he is waiting for Rachel to finish shopping!

Jeremy sharing one of my favorite things about himself...his humor!

Rachel with the gingerbread house they made.

Rachel sporting her new Korean hat.

Jeremy...love that hat!


a special Christmas in Korea


and that is a PIECE OF MY HEART today!


Jennifer said...

Oh, Laurie! That is one of the most moving and touching post that I have ever read. I have tears streaming down my face right now. I understand completely a mother's love. I, too, have spend a Christmas without her son a couple of years ago. It was his choice to stay away...what a lonely feeling it was. However, God also gave me the peace that I needed to get through that day and 6 months of days following not knowing where he was, no way to contact him, not knowing is he was dead or alive. God is faithful and God is so good.

This year...made up for that long, lonely Christmas without Brandon because this was the best Christmas that we have ever spent together as a family. I mean it...literally...EVER! Roger made several comments on how peaceful things were, how great it was to have Brandon here with us and how much we both enjoyed his presence.

I am so happy that Rachel got to spend Christmas with Jeremy in South Korea! I know that meant so much to Jeremy and to you as a mom that your baby boy wasn't alone on Christmas but with his family...his beautiful new bride.

God bless you, Laurie...you bless me daily.

I love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

It's weird to think that you have been blogging for almost a year! When I see you blogging it up, it makes me thankful to have a very Godly mom who cares deeply for her children. Thanks mom. I love you so very much from the bottom of my heart! Love Anna-Marie!

sailorcross said...

This is beautiful!! I'm so glad God gave you the peace for your son as he is stationed in Korea. It's hard, isn't it--giving up our control for God's control--particularly when it comes to our children. But, God knows His plans and purposes--we do not--so what better place to place our "list"?

I'm glad you had a blessed CHRISTmas and a more blessed New Year!


Peggy said...

Blessings Laurie...I have been without internet service since before Christmas so I went back as far as I could on your posts & so glad I read this one! How precious, touching & very moving! Such a beautiful mother's heart! I can so relate though I'm not in touch with most of my family, it is my son that I have not seen in over 10 years & spoken to only once on the phone.Not even emails. Yet I must trust God & believe that God is in control & His Love is so powerful that it will penetrate any separation. That seeds planted between 3 -18 in his life by God draws Him closer to God than he chooses to be to me & I will give thanks! There is nothing that can replace God's Love. I pray it may be restored between us! And I believe that love renewal is a constant relationship need...Your photos are such a delight! Your JOY in seeing God's protection & allowing your daughter in love to be with your son is a sacrificial love! That is quite a beautiful piece of your heart!!! Bless your New Year in 2009!