Thursday, October 30, 2008

THANKFUL THURSDAY...repentance defined by a 13 year old

Last week, my daughter Anna shared with me her definition of what it meant to repent. It ministered to me so much (and caused my heart to leap with excitement) as she shared this definition with an unsaved friend.

I asked her to write her discussion with her friend out and share it here with you on this THANKFUL THURSDAY. Please leave your comment for Anna today as she debuts as a "first time" blogger. Anna is 13 years old and very wise for her age....

Hello, My name is Anna Marie. I am the daughter of the "world famous" (famous - 'cuz someone from Paris read her blog the other day!) blog writer - Laurie Adams. I have a story to tell all of you blog readers....

One day, my friend Kaitlyn was over at my house and she heard me reading my daily Proverbs. It spoke about "repentance". My friend asked me what repentance meant. Now, that was a great chance for me to minister. So here is my explanation of repentance:

"When you repent - you are asking God to forgive you. So basically, He has a book called the "Lambs Book of Life". So, when you repent - you are basically asking God to wash away your sins. "
Thinking since my friend Kaitlyn was unsaved - she might not understand that, so I gave her this example:

"Your name is the heading in God's book. And all of your sins are the body of the paragraph in the book. So, when you ask for forgiveness - God erases the body paragraphs. Leaving just your name."

Be thankful for repentance ~ Be grateful for God's big eraser!

REVELATION 20:15 "And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire."

Let the words of a 13 year old sink in...and then go to IRIS at GRACE ALONE to find other Thankful Thursday posts...


Cheryl said...

I have a Anna Marie also!! How neat! and yes Anna Marie, my name is written in the book~~ Praise God~ You are a very special girl to share HIS WORD at such a young age. God will surely bless you! Great Post!

Denise said...

May you forever be blessed, as you have blessed me tonight with this post sweetie.

Lynn said...

Laurie and Anna,

What a privilege to read this. Thank you, Anna, for taking time to share this with all of us.

God bless you young woman. God has amazing plans for you. Hugs.

Jennifer said...

WOW!!! Anna, you are quite an amazing young lady...wise, way beyond your years! That was the most beautiful definition of repentance that I have ever heard.
I know if you continue to share the love of Jesus with Kaitlyn and keep things as simple as you did this...she will soon be our "Sister in Christ" and all the angels in heaven will be rejoicing for you witnessing to her and leading her to the Lord.

I am honored to personally know you and have the privilege of watching you grown from a baby to a beauiful, young, godly lady.

Keep up the good work, Anna! might just have to move over...Anna is the next Adams' blogger...very promising :) I can only imagine how proud you and Clayton are of Anna Marie and 3 wonderful, godly sons.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

that was a great illustration, anna. God bless you. ♥

Cindy said...

Loved the post Anna, very wise for your age. Love the testimony! Thanks for sharing. God's blessings and annointing be with you always.

Grammy said...

This is my 2nd time on thankful Thursday.
I enjoyed your post.
Be blessed my friend

Jill said...


That was a beautiful explanation! Trusting God will use every word to draw your friend to her knees asking for God to only keep her name!

You are a very wise young lady. Keep your heart strong in following after Him! What a blessing to know Him so well at your age and to carry that wisdom with you for life!

Beautiful Laurie - thanks for sharing her with us! Precious! As one proud Mommy myself I love when others give their children the floor to shine too!

In His grace,

Debra said...

God bless the sweet words of your child! What a beautiful thing to be thankful for!

Blessings to you and your family today!

Rocks said...

oh..what a simple and yet clear way to illustrate forgiveness. Now I am more thankful for that wonderful and big eraser!!!

God bless you and your daughter!

Laurie Ann said...

Anna Marie, beautiful name. I loved your description of repentance. The thought of my paragraph being erased is a great visual to keep with me when Satan tries to creep in and remind me of the things I have already repented of before the Lord. You were a great testimony to your friend Kaitlyn and I pray for her salvation soon. The seeds you plant in her life in the boldness of your faith shared with her will sink in and take root. God will cause them to grow, hopefully soon!

Laurie - thanks for letting her share this today. It meant the world for me to read it.

gengen said...

wow Anna you are good... Bless you dear you have such a talent. Great post for a wonderful lady. May God be with you always and yes my name is in the book....Thanks for sharing and i like your name. You know i want a girl for my next baby hope God will give me what I wish for and Anna is one of the nice names i know. TC

Daniel's Mom said...

Amen sister! That is so simple and childlike,in a good sense. As we get older we sometimes try to make the Word complicated. I believe you a a set apart 13 year old. God bless you!

Mary said...

Anna - you are a young woman of great courage. Continue to be bold as you talk of Jesus' love to your friends. He will continue to give you great wisdom. I want to be a cheer leader for you. Way to go Anna!

Anonymous said...

Anna, I am proud of you and love you. I miss see you everyday at school.

Ms. Diane