Monday, October 20, 2008

AT THE WELL...our extension-our home

Each Monday, I gather with a few ladies over AT THE WELL, where we look at principles of being more like the Titus 2 woman. It is here at the Well that we find encouragement, teaching and love. I am glad that you joined in today.

This week our leading hostess is Natalie from I AM (not) and she leads us by asking us "Is our home an extension of who we are?"

I would have to ask myself -what is the first thing that a guest sees when they come thru my front door? My front door opens into our dining room. This is a room that is seldom used, in fact, many times the dining table is used for everyone in my home to "put things on". It drives me crazy!!

The next thing, a guest would probably notice in my home is all of the pictures and picture frames. I have many. I never understood why we would put our most precious memories in a photo album and stick it in a box or shove it on a shelf for no-one to see. Why not display the precious memories? The only problem is I run out of walls and shelves to display my photo gallery. That drives me crazy!

You can't be in my home long, before you notice the extension of our family. Not one, not two but THREE dogs. Yes...Jasmine, Maggie and Lucy are part of the family. They each have their own space, their own needs and definitely their own personality. They bark, they play, and they follow me everywhere I go (I think in hopes to get a doggy treat!). They drive me crazy!

These are 3 things that you will find in my home. They are 3 very important things that represent what I can offer my family and my friends as they come into my home. And if I let it, these are 3 things that could drive me crazy!
  1. place of cleanliness and order
  2. love and memories
  3. feeling of security and safety


School and working at the office can be very chaotic at times, it is important that our homes are a place that order and serenity can be found. Sometimes, as a working mom and wife I get too busy to keep the house in order. I have found over the years that things run more smoothly around the house when things are in order. No, I don't mean spotless (that would be my preference!) but keeping order in our homes will cut down on late arrivals, missing shoes, lost car keys, and running out of toilet paper!

Keeping a home that is clean and in order will also mean that when unexpected company arrives at your door, you will not have to explain the mess or quickly toss things behind the couch! My home is a place that should be inviting and warm (and clean!).


Have you walked into some one's home and immediately smelled a sweet aroma? A chocolate cake freshly baked, or a sweet smelling candle? It is my desire that my home would be a sweet aroma to all that enter. It would be nice to have a fresh cake available, but the sweet aroma I am speaking of is the aroma of love and joy.

You can feel love. Joy is an expression of love. If our homes are a place that people feel unwelcome or a place that family resists to go, then possibly the aroma we are submitting is not pleasing. It is not pleasing to others, and definitely not pleasing to God.

"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." -OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES

A home filled with strife, anger, name calling and frustration is a home that reeks of a stench. Keeping a sweet smelling home will require some action. Action of love.


Most likely my 3 dogs would not guard much especially if an intruder offered them a tasty treat. They would probably retreat to their corners, salivating over their yum yum. Having a secure and safe home is much more than having guard dogs or alarm systems in place.

It is my desire that after the world beats my family up, that they will want to run to the safety of our home. Our home should be a place of comfort. A place that gives solace to the weary. A place that is safe and secure in love and acceptance.

A quote I read recently...

"A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul." -PHILLIP MOFFITT

Our home and what it represents is an extension of who we are. It doesn't matter the size, the color, the location or the craziness of our home ... what is important is that "home is where the heart is".

TITUS 2:5 "be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed."


Please join the other ladies as we discuss our homes around THE WELL. You can find more chatter by clicking HERE!


Chelsey said...

Great post Laurie - by the way I fixed the link over at Natalies - you should be able to post now! :)

LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh, how I love the thoughts you expressed on our home being a safety. That is a prayer of mine. Incredibly wise, practical post. You have such a gift for teaching.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

AH, thanks to Chelsey!

I'd love to see all your pictures!

Laurie Ann said...

What a great post, Laurie! I loved the part about our homes being a place where we feel safe and secure. My home is my safe place (on earth). I love the feeling of safety and security, and apparently our daughter and son-in-law do, too, because they return often! Loved the quotes you shared on the home as well.

Daniel's Mom said...

:) I like the 3 things you offer at your home. I love a good smelling house! I keep candles lit!

Rebecca said...

Laurie, that totally happened to me today! Right after this post on what my home says about me, my father-in-law called and was right down the street. I was frantically running around throwing/hiding things over the back of the couch. :) Seriously though, I liked what you said about our homes being shelters. My husband has said the same thing, that his home is a refuge from everything else that happens during the day. And I want my home to reflect my relationship too
...that I am a safe place for him to come to.