Monday, April 27, 2009

AT THE WELL...A Call to Mentor

LAURIE ANN is leading us over AT THE WELL today in the discussion of "A Call to Mentor". She has asked us to discuss ways that we can mentor that are pleasing to God.

TITUS 2:3 "the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things -"
Recently, I had a younger lady approach me and ask me to be her mentor. WOW. That was truly an honor. She proceeded and said, "I'm not sure exactly what a mentor does?"

Now that was a loaded question girls, wasn't it?

If you are trying to figure out who is a mentor, or how to mentor ... Chapter 2 of Titus clearly gives us some direction on that. One of the greatest things about a mentoring relationship is just that .... R E L A T I O N S H I P !

If you are trying to figure out HOW to mentor... have a relationship with Christ!
If you are trying to figure out WHO to a relationship with a young lady!

I heard a preacher many years ago say this..."When sharing Christ ... use words if necessary!"

In other words, when mentoring someone, your actions must line up with your words. Some of you reading this are probably saying to yourself, "well that passage in Titus is for older women like my Mom or Grandma!" - but the truth of it is sisters ... all of us are older than someone.

Accepting the charge of being a Titus woman is seeking someone to teach good things (things of the Lord) to. Why not start today! Isn't there a young lady in your life that you can align with and have a mentoring relationship with?

For other thoughts on this weeks topic of "mentoring", please join Laurie Ann over at the homepage of AT THE WELL! Click HERE.


LisaShaw said...

Great message and I believe wholeheartedly in the mentor/protege relationship in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit.

We learn and then teach our wisdom tools to others.

Bless you.

Denise said...

You are such a sweet blessing to so many.

Joyfull said...

Beautiful thoughts and reminder of the importance of relationship. Truly you are a blessing to many! Thanks for a great encouragement today.

June said...

I love the thought "We are older that someone." I enjoy being a mentor and have had the privilage of being one many times. However, I love having a mentor. Someone who is willing to invest her life in mine.
Thanks for joining us today at the well.

Linda said...

Loved your post! Yes, we are all older than someone, and can be a mentor or a spiritual helper to them.

The Lord has brought ladies and younger people into my path that I knew I was supposed to mentor. And I have taken it seriously. But mostly I try to share the Love Of God with them,...and more as the oportunity arises. I let the Holy Spirit lead and try to respond when I feel His prompting.

God is so Good! And He is so Faithful! He can even use us "cracked pots" if we are willing vessels!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ashley Wells said...

I love the quote "When sharing Christ ... use words if necessary!"

That is so true!!! We cannot say do as I say and not as I do. We need to be able to say do as I say and do as I do!

Thanks for sharing!


Laurie Ann said...

Relationship and action are definitely important parts of mentoring! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I see we share this passion. I used to think I didn't have a mentor and I opened my eyes and saw more than a few. I wondered if I'd ever mentor and I realize I had been doing it for longer than I realized. It's an honor to be a personal mentor and to be mentored to, isn't it?

Thanks for shaing At the Well today!

Amanda said...

Great thoughts!!

I am here because someone has nominated you for an Awesome Blog 2009 Award!! Stop by and see what category they thought you rocked!!

God bless-