Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Laced with Grace...find your roots

I have just returned from an amazing trip. My husband and I drove over 900 miles to be a part of my paternal family celebrating 150 years of farming. The very farm that my Great-Great Grandparents started and labored has been passed down generation after generation to continue on, making it the oldest family farm (currently 5th generation) in Wisconsin.
As I stood inside the very log cabin that my Great-Great Grandparents built and lived in 150 years ago, I couldn’t help but take a minute to take in a deep breath and savor the emotion I felt as I stood upon my roots.
imageYou see, one reason it was so special to me is because my own father, because of choices he made, was not in my life until I found him when I was 40 years old. The roots that I discovered last week were roots that I never knew about. It was mind blowing to trace my roots all the way back 150 years ago to a little town in Wisconsin called Sand Creek.
Where do you find your roots?
That is such a profound question for each of us to think about and certainly one I’ve been pondering since last Saturday. Family roots are important, but that’s not what I’ve been thinking about as I answer that question. Instead, I’ve been thinking about what has had me rooted in the absence of knowing such rich family history all of these years. No doubt, it’s my deep connection with the Cross and all that It represents.
When I ask you about your roots, what I mean is, what do you stand upon? Where is the place that you get your stability from, where do your beliefs and strong ideas derive from? What are your principles, your character and demeanor based upon?
No doubt, in the past 150 years my family has seen some changes. They have labored hard, sacrificed a lot and endured many hardships to come this far. Along the way, they have trusted God and kept the faith even when bowing out seemed the way to go.
“I can do everything through Him Who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)
Being rooted in Christ will give each of us the ability to weather any storm that comes our way. No family will be divided. No trial will be for nothing. It won’t guarantee immunity to difficulty but like my family roots, it will leave you strong and still standing.
Prayer: “Thank You, Lord, that You are my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Lord and my King. Thank You that it is possible for me to be rooted in You and that You are trustworthy to hold such a position. Lord, I long to live my life in You and I ask that You break down every wrong root in my life that gives me wrong strength. Let me be built up in You to be a strong child of God. Thank You for loving me so deeply, in Jesus’ nameAmen.”
Find your roots and stand strong!

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