Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DAILY DEVO...what has the Lord done for you?

Tonight, I will stand before our youth group and ask them a very important question, "What has the Lord done for you?" You see, I feel it is important that we recognize the hand of God but unfortunately in our homes, in our churches and in our personal faith walks, we have become blinded and complacent.

We should not be stirred to seek God only because we are in a moment of crisis, we should not offer up praise only because there is a worship team leading us, we should not give only because we have extra money left over. We should do all of these things because God is a loving, gracious, forgiving Father Who deserves our attention. But too often we allow things, people, past hurts and laziness to keep us from seeing God. We become complacent.

I've had the privilege of going to many countries on mission trips. I have seen firsthand the sacrifice that believers have made in these far away places for their faith. I've been in worship services with the poorest people in the world who have literally nothing: no air conditioning, no running water, children begging in the street instead of going to school, no medical treatment for sickness. But despite all that, I've seen how they worship; these people have their hands raised and have worship on their lips. Not because of what they have or don't have but because of Who they serve.

Paul and Barnabas faced conspiracy, abuse and stoning, as recorded in Acts 14. They considered it a worthy price to pay for taking the gospel to the Gentiles. Rather than disciple others on how to avoid it, they taught them that they should expect it.

"We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).

I wonder what grace and favor we may be missing when we devote so much time avoiding confrontation and adversity to make life more comfortable? What could we be missing when we become so complacent in our walk with the Lord that we can't see all that He has done for us?

My prayer is that we change from “keep my heart safe” to “make my heart strong."

I leave you today with a question for you to answer..."What has the Lord done for you?"


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