Monday, December 26, 2016


The Monday after Christmas is not like any other Monday. Perhaps today is one of the worst Mondays that you have had in awhile, perhaps it is the best. I suppose it all depends on how your Christmas went yesterday and whether or not you are left with a mess today.

So many times, we build up and build up to the magical moment of Christmas morning and then just like the twinkle in Santa’s eye; dash away, dash away, it is gone. The presents have been opened. The friends and family have gone home. The cookies have been eaten. The wrapping paper has been drug outside. Nothing is left of Christmas.

Or is there?

This year I have had a different perspective about Christmas, one I have not had in quite some time. My focus hasn’t been about the gifts, or the singing or the baking. To be honest, my focus has just been about Jesus. Why He came, why He died and what am I doing about it? You see, Jesus IS the reason for the season but He is also the reason for today!
“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!” (Hebrews 13:8)
Christmas doesn’t have to be over. Oh sure, you might need to pack those ornaments and tree away until next time, but the spirit of Christmas can live on. I think about Mary and Joseph and I wonder what kind of Monday after the first Christmas that they had? Did they rush around with cleaning up? Was there post Christmas blues? Did Mary fuss about the mess left by the animals in the stable? I really don’t think their Monday after Christmas was like any other Monday, matter of fact, I don’t think any of their Mondays were the same after Jesus was born.

The baby is no longer in the stable. However, the stable leads us to the cross and the cross leads us to the reason for the season … love, joy, forgiveness and salvation. Once we accept this free gift from God ALL of our Mondays will never be the same and He will become the reason for our EVERYTHING!


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