Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daily Proverb

TODAY'S DAILY PROVERB is found in Proverbs 28:18...

"The one whose walk is blameless is kept safe, but the one whose ways are perverse will fall into the pit."

Have you ever gone for a walk and come up on some busted up concrete or a big dip in the walk? If you are watchful, you will see it ahead of time and walk around it or perhaps there will be a barricade around  the destruction to keep you safe.

Taking a walk with the Lord is like this visual. As you continue walking, there may be some pitfalls that stand in your way. However, when you keep your eyes on God, He will ensure your path to be straight and He will keep you safe. If you take your eyes off God, you will not see what's coming, and surely you will trip and fall on the busted up mess under your feet.

Keep walking straight.


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