Thursday, September 18, 2014

LACED WITH GRACE...see the sheep, feed the sheep

Today I have shared the following devo with the readers of LACED WITH GRACE. Please take time to visit this awesome devotion site and hear what other Christian writers are talking about.
This week as God crossed my path with someone in need, I found myself asking “how can the little that I have to offer help?” Oh what little faith and what little expectations I must have of my God!

Yes, it is true that I did not have much to offer, but it isn’t about what you or I can offer! A sack of groceries, a tank of gas, hand-me-down clothes, a pay it forward lunch at McDonald’s… whatever the need, God does not need OUR money to accomplish HIS works, He only needs our attention and our obedience.

I wonder how many of you are like me, and just drive by the homeless man on the corner holding that cardboard sign? How many times have I passed by that way and instead of noticing the “need”, I notice how long the red light takes to turn or how it looks like rain is coming? I notice EVERYTHING except the need staring me right in the face.

Jesus may ask us the same question He asked of Peter… “The third time, He said to him, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me?” (John 21:17) And like Peter (Simon), we say, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.”
“Feed My sheep!” -Jesus
It really grips my heart and saddens me to see how very uninvolved and insensitive we have gotten towards the things that break God’s heart. Poverty in our cities, homelessness, drugs, crime, babies having babies. You don’t have to look far to see heartbreaking events, not just locally but worldwide; Africa genocide, ISIS massacre of innocent lives, little girls being sold into the black market prostitution ring.

Like me, perhaps you feel helpless with some of these atrocious crimes. And maybe even a little hopeless, wondering what in the world is this world coming to? Often times, when we keep hitting a brick wall, we tend to stop trying to climb.

But the climb requires one step at a time. If not a burger in a sack, how about donating to the local Mission, or take things even another step and pray for our country and our leaders or get involved in a local political campaign or take a missions trip abroad and give aid to a missionary.

Becoming our “brother’s keeper” is not just about feeding their stomachs, we must also be so compelled to feed the spiritual hunger that is prevalent. We, who have been washed by the Blood, who have resurrected our lives and spirits to the moving of the Holy Spirit have been called and challenged to share the same spiritual food with others. It isn’t enough to just feed the stomach, we must feed the spirit man as well.

Surely, the last days are upon us, but until He comes again, we must keep climbing and we must not turn a cheek to what is expected of us…
“Feed My sheep!” -Jesus
When you see the sheep, will you feed the sheep?

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please forgive me for not seeing all of the sheep that you have put in my path. Help me to be more aware of Your call on my life to feed the sheep as you need me to do. Whether through a physical lunch, clothes, prayer or whatever you lead me to do, help me to see the needs thru Your eyes. Help me to not look away, close my eyes or become cold hearted. Every sheep is important to you, even the lost ones. May they all find their way and make the climb with me, to You! AMEN

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