Thursday, November 21, 2013

THANKFUL is not about a day!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to speak to you from my heart today.

 I am late getting my TT post up today as I just spent the past two days at hospitals, labs and doctor offices with our 18 year old daughter. To be honest with you I am drained physically from what this week has brought.

 I woke up on Monday morning as usual, got dressed like usual, went to work like usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. But by late morning, everything about my ordinary day became un-ordinary and confused and scary and unsure.

My daughter's skin turned a strange green color and her fingers and toes went numb. She couldn't feel them. Within a short time she had difficulty breathing and had chest pains. My ordinary prayer now became an urgent prayer, as doctor after doctor looked at her in wonderment and confusion.

Today, as we still await test results on my daughter, I am reminded that even though this time next week we will all be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with our families, that Thanksgiving is not a is a condition of our heart.

Even in times of the un-ordinary...we CAN have an attitude of thanksgiving. I choose this day to give God praise and thanksgiving for EVERYTHING...the good, the bad, the ugly - the everything!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Today I am hosting THANKFUL THURSDAY and today of all days, I have so much to give thanks for. I have been blessed with one more day to give Him praise and nothing will keep the praise due Him from my lips. Not sickness. Not bad doctor reports. NOTHING!

How about you...what are you thanking Him for today?



tammi said...

Oh my goodness, that is so scary! It's so hard to FEEL thankful when life turns upside down, but praising God through our tears and pleas for direction ~ and in this case for answers and healing ~ show off the peace and strength of character only He can give us in times like these.

Sending up some prayers on your behalf.

Shelly Hendricks said...

I am praying for your daughter, and I mean RIGHT NOW!! After years of going undiagnosed while my health worsened, I well understand that baffling time.... truly a time that can shake your foundations. If you'd like to chat at all, please email me at

Heart Hugs to your family <3

LAURIE said...

Thank you ladies for the prayers!