Friday, November 22, 2013

LACED WITH GRACE...Whose plan is it anyhow?

I shared the following devotion with the readers of LACED WITH GRACE today....

No-one likes last minute changes. Whether it is the carpool schedule or a vacation cancellation, making changes really can mess us up.

It not only inconveniences us but last minute changes just messes up our plans.

As a pastors wife, I see it all of the time. Just change the order of service on Sunday and watch who all will get messed up because of your change. It will throw the worship team off. It will mess up the plans of the ushers. It may even throw the preaching off alittle bit.

But not all of our last minute changes is bad. In fact, sometimes changes that are unexpected can be good for us. Problem is that WE want to be in charge of the changes in our lives. God sometimes will make a last minute change in our life that may seem out in left field, but when He makes the changes, everything will always fall into place.

As a young woman, I had a dream to buy a house in a certain historical part of town. For years my dream did not happen until one day, God opened a door and my husband and I were able to purchase what we deemed our "dream" house in the historical area that we wanted. We thought we had everything that we ever dreamed of. We had each other. We had 2 sons. and now we had the house we would raise our kids in and retire in. Life was great!

Until a few years later, when God opened a door for my husband to take a job transfer with his company. 800 miles away from our dream!

I remember thinking, "How could God make these last minute changes?"

God does that sometimes. Nothing is last minute to Him though, every change and every detail is a very well thought out plan on His part. Even though we plan, we sort, we organize...God has a much bigger and more organized plan than we ever could. Sometimes God uses our life circumstances to change our plans so that He can use us in different situations.

Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

So, don't worry if plans get changed...whether you are the one who plans the schedule or the one who sings the Sunday morning special, trust God to use the last minute changes for something even better.

It is ok to make plans...but trust Him when He chooses to change them.

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