Monday, March 15, 2010

Tootsie Pop faith

One of the greatest questions of all times has yet to be answered!

"How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop?"

I can't tell you how many times I have tried and tried to lick my way to the middle. But every time, I finally give up on lickng and just bite down to get to the tootsie in the middle. After all it is not really about the licks as it is about getting to the good stuff in the middle!

I think how I exercise my faith is alot like licking a tootsie pop! I start out strong and determined to get to the "good stuff", but somewhere along the way I just give up and try to get right to the good stuff. Forgetting that along the journey of waiting upon the Lord, there are lessons to learn, strength to obtain and tests to endure.

So often though, I just want to have "tootsie pop" faith and that is skip the trials, the tests and the lessons and go straight for the good stuff! Waiting almost seems impossible, but I love what it says in Matthew:

MATTHEW 19:26 "with men things are impossible but with God all things are possible."

No matter how many licks ( or testings) it takes ...I know that my faith in God will lead me to the good stuff! Do you have a "tootsie pop" faith?


Debbie said...

LOVED this! Have a great day. Hugs, Deb

Laura said...

Great post! I've missed you. I've missed blogging...but I'm trying to do better. I pray you are well. We're 8 months down on this deployment, and our son is two months down (his isn't as long though). How's Jeremy?

Denise said...

This post is awesome.

Anonymous said...



Tresa said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing. I recently wrote a devotion about tootsie pops. Its wonderful to see the difference of ideas from a favorite candy.