Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART ... What would you grab?

I have often wondered if my house was on fire, what would be the one or two things that I would quickly try to grab before making my exit. Of course, number one I would make sure all of my family got out safely. Everything else inside the house probably could be replaced but my kids and my husband ... that's a different story!

But if I had a chance to grab a thing or two besides them, I would most definetly want to grab some photo's. Such memories as graduations and weddings and birthdays cannot ever be recaptured. The other memory keeper I would want to grab is my Bible. My Bible is chocked full of memories. Verses highlighted that God has spoken loud and clear to me with and pages that are worn ever so lightly from hours of study.

My Bible is like oxygen to me. There is no other book like it. A.W. Tozer wrote this:

"The purpose of the Bible is to bring men to Christ, to make them holy and prepare them for heaven. In this it is unique among books, and it fulfills its purpose."

As Christians, we are called to share God's Holy Word with a world that is desperate to hear the Truth. The Bible is a priceless gift, a tool for Christians to use as they share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unfortunetly, too many Christians keep their spiritual tool tighlty closed and out of sight. Too many times, the only time the Good Book is picked up is on the way out the door on Sunday morning.

I know that if a fire consumed my house, and I was unable to grab my Bible in time - I could always go down to the local Christian bookstore and buy another. But when a Bible is read and used, it doesn't take long before it fits like a glove. Using someone else's Bible always seems weird to me, it feels strange because MY Bible fits perfectly with me, because it is the tool that God has used to speak directly to me. Losing my Bible would be like air being sucked out of my lungs.

God's Holy Word is indeed, a priceless, one of a kind treasure. We need to handle it with care, but more importantly, we need to handle it everyday!

MATTHEW 4:4 "He answered, It is written: Man must not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."

This has been a piece of my heart today!


Debbie said...

This is all soo very true of course. I replaced mine a few years as my old one was literally falling apart, and I really needed one with BIG type, haha...It took me a while to settle in and feel like it was "mine"...Have a wonderful day Laurie..

Anonymous said...


I so agree, my Bible is my heavenly Fathers personal love letter to me. Through it He talks directly to me, everything I need to learn and grow in...my bible is personal to me...even when I have to get another for wear, I search until I find the one He has for me. I then now He has a refresh (as it were) word for me and I cant wait to dig in!!



Angela said...

Oh, Laurie, I love your blog and I'm so glad I found it.

Around four weeks ago, I found myself face with the question you asked in this post. Thankfully no one was hurt, but we have had to move. We're so blessed that we had another house, although, it's very small in comparison; however, we know how fortunate we are.

Sadly, although, I prayed for my books and everything to be safe by the time we were out of the house, those weren't the things that came to my mind first.

While haphazardly putting on my boots (closes shoes to me at the time)and tripping over the shoe strings on them that I had not made time to tie, picking up my cell phone, spying my laptop on my bed grabbing it and running...by the time I reached the door the others had heard and met me there. There I was shoving SEVEN children and a husband out the door.

It was at that time, standing in the frigid temperatures of Houston in snow, that I thought, "My books!" "My books." I homeschool. Thank God all of my journals and Bible study notes were laying on the bed and I snatched them up while running out.
If you had seen me, you would have thought I played football before (PROFESSIONALLY) at that. I was a running and throwing sister. I had stuff under my arms, chin, between my legs, stuck in the inside of my jacket and around my waist...

Sorry didn't mean to ramble, but your post brought back memories of that day.