Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today I am over at the AT THE WELL site. I have shared a devo over there today entitled "Raising Champions." You can find great devo's over there daily. I have shared my thoughts on raisng champions here as well...

What do you think of when you hear the word CHAMPION?

The first image that comes to my mind is a box of Wheaties. I remember as a child, only the best of the best, the champions of champions would get their face on a box of Wheaties.

We can all come up with some great champions, those that persevered and became great…Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Muhammad Ali – just to name a few. Such great heroes all had one thing in common - they were disciplined, driven, and focused.

Our kids look up to some of these great athletes, but they miss out on how we can become like them. When my kids were younger and enjoyed playing sports, each one of them came to a point where they wanted to give it up. Things got difficult. Their team was losing. Their coach was unfair. They got tired of practicing. (whine whine whine) Their stamina was not as great as it once was. But our answer was always the same when they would come to us and say, “I’m quitting!” and that was “No you are not!” “You will finish the season and be committed to your team!”

No great athlete ever became a champion by quitting or giving up. The Psalmist considered knowing and following God’s decrees as being of great importance. He wanted to be known as a man who lived by the things God valued in His Word.

Raising our kids to be true champions is teaching them to honor Gods Word and live a life that is pleasing to Him.

PSALM 119:33 “Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statues, and I shall keep it to the end.”

Being a champion is not just something that happens overnight. It takes diligence, commitment, and devotion. To be a champion – one who fought the good fight, ran the good race – we must begin the training now.

If God had a box of Wheaties … would your picture be on the box?
Would you be considered to be a Champion for the Lord?


gemini said...

Yes, my son is a true champion, he was diagnose with dyslexia year back, but he took it in stride and we were victors in overcoming his deficiency, he is now in Grade Five, an achiever, and serve the Lord truthfully in whatever capacity he can.Your post is a reminder of God's greatness.

Jan said...

Yes, I made my children keep their promise and carry out their commitments, and we do too. But I remember when I was a child I started piano lessons, and I whined and my parents let me give up at age 8..... how I have regretted it over the years.

And how great when a champion acknowledges God in his life.

Thank you for an awesome and thoughtful post.