Thursday, September 1, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY...the reason for living

As a Mom, I have had to answer a tough question, "What's the purpose of this Mom?"

When my children were small and I asked them to pick up their toys..."Mom, what is the purpose, I'm just going to get them out again!" When my children were alittle bit older, I would ask them, "Did you do your homework?" only to hear them say, "What for Mom? even that won't help me understand it."

Isn't that exactly what we do sometimes. We often look at our life and ask, "What is the purpose?" and often times we come up with excuses of why we don't do certain things. "Why try, it won't make a difference!" "I'm not going to apply for that job because I won't get it."

When we feel less than average, or have low self esteem or low expectations, many times we short change ourselves. When I come up on a situation that seems nearly impossible, I have to remind myself that I can do anything that God strengthens me to do.

The same is true spiritually, many times I have felt God's tug on my heart to start up a new ministry in my church, or teach a class, or go witness to a complete stranger, but what my heart tells me to do is often overturned by the lack of self confidence that my mind tells me. My mind tells me, "You can't do that!" "You are not qualified!" "Who do you think you are?"

It is during these moments that I have to ask myself, "What is the purpose?"
  • Am I really making a difference in my world?
  • Do I have what it takes to turn my generation towards God?
  • What does it really matter the little insignificant things that I do?
If you have ever asked these questions, let me reassure you that every small part that you do is important. There is no little seed when it comes to the Kingdom of God. From cleaning the toilets at your church to leading someone at the altar in a sinners prayer...each and every step is important. And everything that you contribute has a purpose.

As a Christian, I have asked God many times what His purpose is for my life. Sometimes God reveals to us alittle bit at a time what His purpose is, the important thing is that we keep seeking His purpose and remember that for every step that we take, it is leading us closer to Him. Each one of us has different gifts and talents, but the most important purpose that God has for each of us is to know Him in a personal way.

Philippians 1:6 "He Who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ."

What a wonderful promise to stand on! When we trust God with our life, He promises to reveal His ultimate purpose for our life! Not only does He promise it, but He gives us the power to live out His purpose.

He is the reason for living. When we fully realize that, we will no longer ask the question, "What is the purpose?" He not only can bring purpose to our life...He is the purpose for our life!

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eph2810 said...

Amen to that Laurie. I often ask 'what's the purpose' and I might never know this side of heaven. But I try to make a difference in someone's life each day.

Thank you for your encouraging words to continue to let His light shine. said...

It wasn't until my kids were school age and I started teaching and taking classes to update my license a statement I made helped define my role as a mom. One Saturday I was running errands over the lunch hour and arrived home at 2:00 and my school age kids had eaten lunch but dirty dishes were strewn all over the kitchen and the messy pb&j was out. I immediately said, "children, I am not your maid!" And we had our first, but not last , discussion on personal responsibility and the roles we all play in our family.

I've been a full time home maker and full time teacher and now I am a part time mental health counselor, and the journey of stages of motherhood and womanhood has helped me define my roles in nurturing my children while ministering to others the truth of the gospel. Lisa Bevere has been a great Christian mentor in her books on womanhood, elevating the importance of us ministering to others in addition to our families. I can do more of that when I am not doing work at home that has nothing to do with my gender. We are equal opportunity dish washers at our house.

Jessica said...

Amen! That's so true - how often we all do that very thing.

bp said...

Happy Thankful Thursday!
I like that---He has a purpose and He is the purpose for living.

Party Of Four said...

I love this. It's so true. Sometimes we spend so much time asking questions, that we miss the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing!

Whidbey Woman said...

Hi Laurie, This post really strikes a chord with me. A few days ago I was in a really bad mood at work... feeling like I was a failure... feeling like what I do does not matter. Than a resident told me, "I love you. You're so wonderful!" I think she sees Jesus in me. And yes, I am right where he wants me to be!

Misty said...

I keep reading the same message today, funny how God just seems to work like that. Speaking in any way that He can. Earlier today I realized in my own personal walk, that I chased after my purpose for nearly a year and never really seeking Him for Who He Is. Then something happened and began seeking Him. I can't tell you how much my life has changed, the blessings and even the glimpses of my purpose He has revealed. Such a blessing reading this post. Thank you for sharing.