Thursday, April 28, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY...Master of the wind

"Rain, rain go away...we would like to live another day!"

Here in the south, we have been blasted with torrential rain and wicked storms. Last night was the worst storm I have seen. We watched the tornado path all day on the weather channel and it hit us about 6:30 last night. As soon as the tornado sirens went off, we hightailed it into the bathroom. The tornado was headed right towards our little town. I knew the severity of it as just earlier an entire small town was wiped out by it.

We could hear the rain pounding on our little house, then we heard the hail. The high winds could be heard as it seared all around us. In our small bathroom, my husband listened to the local news on his iPhone for minute to minute updates, I was texting the information to our son and his wife who lived across town. They do not have a television and had no power and had no other way of knowing what was going on. And then everything went quiet. We lost power. And then my husband lost his connection on his iPhone and my cellphone went dead because I could not charge it up. The only thing that we could hear was the wicked wind.

For a moment, a feeling of great fear came over me. We were in the middle of a wicked storm and I had no way to reach my loved ones. I didn't know if they were alright. I didn't know if we were going to be alright. My other sons, who live in different cities were checking on us every 5 minutes or so, but now they had no way to reach us. About that time, the words of Candy Christmas from the Gaither praise show came to me:

"I know the Master of the wind.
I know the Maker of the rain.
He can calm a storm, make the sun shine again.
I know the Master of the wind."
No matter what kind of storm you find yourself in, you can rest in knowing that the One Who created the wind is also the same One Who can calm the wind. There is no reason to fear and no reason to worry about your loved ones, for the Master of the wind will calm our storm.
I am happy to report that we survived that tornado that came thru our town. As I look around our town today I see roofs torn off buildings, trees down everywhere, fences tore up, and street after street flooded. I realize that even in moments of disaster, God is with us.

the funnel cloud

trees uprooted

yards and streets flooded
Thank You God for Your protection and thank You for calming the wind! Today is THANKFUL THURSDAY, Lynn is hosting this month, please link up with us over HERE!


Nana Jul said...

Praising God for protecting you and your loved ones! And for the Holy Spirit reminding you that you do KNOW the ONE who calms the storms!
Happy TT

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your experience from the midst of the storm--and your faith in the Master of the storm.

with God's peace and joy

Melanie said...

So grateful that you and yours are safe. Praying for all the people so terribly affected by the storms.

Visiting from Thankful Thursday : )

Judith C Evans said...

I'm praying with thankfulness for your continued safety. Have a blessed TT!

Brooke said...


I'll also say I'm thankful that we weren't forced into a windowless room b/c we don't have one! we would have had to go into the dirt wall crawl space under the house.

Holly said...

Praising God with you for your protection and the fact that we do know the Master of the Wind...

Blessings and Happy TT,

Holly said...

Wow... what a scary event!
Love the message, thank you for sharing and praise God for keeping you and your family safe.

BARBIE said...

So thankful you are all okay. How scary to be that close.