Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clear focus!

Several years ago, my husband and I went to Paris. While there we visited the Louvre. One of the pieces of art that we wanted to be sure to see was the painting of the Mona Lisa. As we waited in the line to see the display, I kept trying to get a glimpse of the painting but too many people stood in the way for me to get a clear visual.

How could I appreciate the beauty and value of this masterpiece when I could not even see it clearly?

Sometimes in our walk with God, seeing His hand is difficult because we cannot see His masterpiece clearly yet. It is easy to put our focus on troubles and trials, instead of His power. Whenever we spend our time getting caught up in all the pressures and stress of life, it is difficult to see the beauty of life. Just like the people standing in that line at the Louvre, we have things (people sometimes) that are standing in the way of seeing clearly what God has in store.

We tend to fail because of a broken focus. We have alot of things that take our eyes off of  focusing on what is important. We have family. Church. Jobs. Friends. Sports. None of these things are bad by itself, but what happens when these things become our primary focus?

I believe that the things that we think upon, will become our focus. When I finally got up close to the painting of Mona Lisa, display lights were positioned on the painting so that light radiated across this marvelous piece of art. In the same way, when we focus on God, His light will radiate on every thought and action that we have.

The things that we focus on is exactly what we will pursue. Many times when our focus is out of whack, we cannot see the power and the blessing that God has for us. His light seems dim to us. It isn't because His light is not shining...but it is because we have lost our focus of Him, our spiritual vision is blurred.

JOHN 1:5 " And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."

How clear is your spiritual focus? Can you see the Light from where you are standing?

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angels4judy said...

Keep your eyes on Jesus, Sweety!! Love you--As usual--Great blog~!!