Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A PIECE OF MY HEART...two sides to every story!

I have always heard the saying, "There are two sides to every story." That statement came alive to me several years ago when I had to serve on a jury. For 6 consecutive days, I sat in that jury bench and listened to people share their account of what they saw or heard the night that 3 children were killed in a fire. Some of the witnesses were testifying for the victims. While others testified for the one charged setting the fire. It was our job as the jury to cipher through what we heard and figure out what was the truth.

I am reminded of another jury that was set to find out the truth. Except their idea of finding truth was alittle twisted and their corruptness led to the unfolding drama that led to the death of Jesus. Pilate, Herod, along with Judas and the entire Supreme Court of Israel served on the jury that felt that they had the power to determine the destiny of Jesus. They listened to the voices of those accusing Jesus. But they didn't listen to both sides of the story. If they had, they would have heard the voice of God!

When we hear about the injustice of that day that Jesus was accused and condemned to die, we think about how Jesus was the victim. But He was not a victim of human decisions. He wasn't the victim of a corrupt disciple that betrayed Him. He wasn't the victim of a couple of corrupt high priests that arraigned Him. He wasn't the victim of Pilate and Herod who ultimately executed Him. Jesus was chosen by God, He was God's chosen lamb.

So, if it was already determined by God that Jesus would die, I guess you could say on that day, their corruptness is not what determined the destiny of Jesus, rather, it determined their own destiny.

In Matthew 27:22, Pilate asks this question..."What shall I do with Jesus Who is called the Christ?" Even though Pilate is over-assuming his power, for there was really nothing he could with Jesus that God could not overrule. But his question is a legitimate one and one that we all need to ask ourselves..."What are we going to do with Jesus Who is called Christ?"

Our answer to that question will not have an effect on Jesus, but it will have a eternal effect on us. There are two sides to the story of Jesus. Accept Him ... and live. Reject Him ... and die. Light or darkness. Life or death. Heaven or hell. Which side of the story will you believe and accept?

Don't forget there is always two sides to every story!

and this has been a piece of my heart today;


Michele Williams said...

Great post! So true... Jesus was not a victim. He choose to die so we can have life. Praise the Lord! praise to the Lamb of God!

Krista said...

Amen Laurie! Love it :)