Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LACED WITH GRACE... a new look at Easter!

Today I shared a devo with the readers over at LACED WITH GRACE, entitled "A New Look at Easter!"

This was the first Easter since the children were small that we have not had a huge Easter egg hunt in our yard. The kids are grown now and live in different states. We traded hiding eggs and filling baskets for a packed suitcase and traveled 6 hours to visit with our son and daughter in law.

Even though I missed our past Easter traditions this year, God showed me something new about Easter. I have always known the real reason for Easter, it isn’t the candy or the eggs or even buying a new dress. Easter is about death, burial and resurrection. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Not only did He die, but He arose again 3 days later. Jesus was laid in that tomb as a crucified Man but He came out in a whole different way.

It is almost unfathomable for me to comprehend such great love, but ....

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