Friday, January 22, 2010


A few months ago I went to the eye doctor. My husband thought that it was time for me to get my eyes checked. I, on the other hand knew that my vision was just fine, it was the print on the menu's and the newspaper that just kept getting smaller and smaller. (smile)

Have you ever had one of those vision tests? You know, the one where they cover up one eye and then you have to read the letters on the chart waaayyyy across the room. I wish they would make that poster alittle bit closer, I might be able to make out a few more letters!

This was one vision test that I failed. There is another kind of vision test that I often fail as well, and that is when I take my eyes off of Jesus. I don't mean to...but yet I find myself taking back the exact thing that I laid at the altar. If only I could learn to fix my eyes on Jesus vision would become so much clearer!

What do you have your focus on today?
Are your eyes fixed upon your problem or on Jesus?


Debbie said...

This was another good analogy, haha I seem to have a life long problem....I began wearing glasses in junior high and they have just been part of my life ever since. Now I do wear contact lenses, but am in CONSTANT search for my reading glasses, and I mean CONSTANT search. Can't do much of anything without them, blogging for sure, haha. I drive my hubby and kids wild in my frantic searching. I have pairs of them everywhere so you would think it wouldn't be soo difficult to find them. One of my sons bought me one of those chains to wear around my neck, "so they will ALWAYS be right there mom", haha But I told him, "they don't always go with my outfit honey", lol But your post made me think, am I just as frantic when I find my eyes are not on Jesus and my spiritual vision is blurred and difficult to read? I should be more so....Have a wonderful day Laurie.

Jennifer said...

Powerful, Laurie! I was just reading Beth in NC post and listening to "How Great Is Our God" and entered into a time of thing that I had to repent of was taking my eyes off of Him. I get wrapped up in my own little world whether it is joyful or painful...I get stuck there on the circumstances rather than the Maker of the Universe..The Great I Am...The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

Lord, forgive me for taking my eyes off of You.

Love you!

Denise said...

I am focused on sweet Jesus.

Optician said...

I remembered when I visited the optometrist during my younger days. My emotions were one of sorrow, as my brother, who was already wearing prescriptive glasses at that time, said that there was nothing cool about wearing glasses. It would bring me a lifetime of inconveniences, a common one is the fogging of the lens when drinking hot soup, and the need to wear rubber straps during vigorous sports. This is not to mention the ever increasing prices of eye wear.

Thanks for sharing..

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