Monday, January 11, 2010

Shattered heart

One of the hardest things to restore is when you have dropped a valuable, cherished piece of glassware and it shatters all over the floor. No matter how hard you try to pick up each piece and put it back together, it is just never the same. It is never good as it was.

Recently, I stood by and watched one of my kids go thru a broken heart. Granted, this is by far not the same thing as a broken glass, but at the same time, the difficulty of putting the pieces back together is the same. Oh how my heart ached to see one of my own in such pain and agony and distress. Words escaped me as to how I could make the pain ease for my loved one. And then I remembered this verse found in Psalms 34:18:

There is no glue, tape, or fix-it remedy to fix a shattered heart like the love and embrace of the One who loves us the most. As a parent, my heart ached so for my child who had a shattered heart, but how much more does our Heavenly Father hurt when we hurt? How much more does He care for us when we feel lost, broken and shattered?

Do you have a shattered heart today? Reach out for the One who is the only One Who can put the pieces back together again.


Crystal said...

Thanks Laurie! I needed this today as it has been a long weekend!


Debbie said...

One of the hardest parts of parenting for me was when they moved beyond simple little things that I could no longer "fix" for them. When my oldest son lost his young wife to cancer, his pain was more than I could bear. You are so right of course, only the Lord could really help him. I remember taking comfort in the fact that as much as I loved him and felt bad for him, the Lord loved him soo much more, and wanted to comfort and help him. It is a love sometimes that is soo hard to fathom, because as parents we KNOW how much we love our children. Can you honestly imagine loving them even more? Have a great day Laurie. Blessings, Deb

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Laurie! I know that the words of wisdom that you spoke, the loving embraces that you gave and the tears you shed along side your child will leave a huge legacy and will be remembered long after your child's heart has healed. As young people, there will be many more hurts and you have engraved on their heart loving words that will help them in the next painful moment.

You are an amazing mother and I am honored to call you my friend!

I can only imagine how much more our Heavenly Father loves us and longs to soothe, comfort and help mend our broken hearts.

Love you, Laurie!

Denise said...