Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm not sure why, but the other day I found myself humming a very old (and secular) song in my head. I am showing my age now but when I was a teen, one of the bands that I liked was THE GUESS WHO. I remember playing their albums over and over in my bedroom. I knew all of the songs. One of my favorite songs was a song called "Who Are You?"

"Whoooo are you? Who Who Who Who."
"Whoooo are you ? Who Who Who Who."
"Who are you? Who are you? Who are you-ooh?"

I got thinking about the words of that song, even though it was not singing of God, I wondered to myself if God ever asked that question of us. Who are you?

Do we know God? I mean really know him to the point that He can say He knows us as well. Or are we a "going-thru-the-motions" Christian? ... one who claims to be a Christian on Sunday but lives like the devil on Monday morning. Is what comes out of our mouth truly what is in our hearts? Do we act one way in front of our family and another when we are around our friends?

Sometimes the influence of those that we spend time with can alter who we really are. People are always trying to tell others how to act, what to say and if what they are doing is wrong or right. The demands are great that our peers put on us...but who are we going to listen to? People or God?

God wants us to be all we can be in Him. He is urging us to put behind the old and put on the new. He wants us to be Christ-like...that means resemble Him in what we say and think and not anybody else. God wants to know us intimately ~ He wants to be closer than a brother.

ROMANS 8:31 "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Basically God said He wants to know us and He wants us to get to know Him. So what would you say if God asked you the question ..."Who are you?"

and that is a piece of my heart today;


Debbie said...

This waas great as always Laurie, and a GOOD question to ask yourself on a regular basis. Am I a Sunday only Christian? I am afraid that MANY are. Though I know there are times when for whatever reason (my temper has gotten a hold of me, or my anxieties have gone wild) when those around me might wonder...just WHO is it that she claims to know...in my heart of hearts I know to KNOW Jesus is just something you can't hide. His presence is just too real. His love too overwhelming. And yet, how many times maybe has somebody caught me at a weak moment or bad time and my witness has been bad? This was a good reminder. BTW, I LOVED the Who too, haha Have a great day, Debbie

Beth in NC said...

Great post Laurie. I'm also glad to know you are doing well. I was praying for you via facebook.

Happy New Year!