Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...creme filling

When my kids were younger, it was a treat to leave the house early before school and stop at the donut shop. I can remember whenever we would get those filled donuts, once we bit into them, the creme would ooze out and run down those little faces.

It created a mess.

There is another kind of "oozing" that happens that is far from making a mess. In fact, it is quite the opposite. What kind of an impact in our world could we make if the Holy Spirit "oozed" out of us whenever we spoke or walked by someone?

EPHESIANS 5:18 "Let the Holy Spirit fill and control you."

What is oozing out of you today?
I pray the Holy Spirit will lead and guide our words and actions today.


Debbie said...

haha Loved this analogy. And you know what the scary part is? Just like with that donut, the creme oozing out was inevitable, and it is the same with us. SOMETHING will ooze out. And if we are not filled with the Holy Spirit, then nothing good is oozing out...something to think about. Have a great day. Debbie

Denise said...

I enjoyed this dear.

Beth in NC said...

Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful? I often wonder why our lives aren't like those of the disciples. Why doesn't our shadow bring healing to the sick? Why isn't everyone we lay hands on instantly healed? I've been asking the Lord these exact questions lately in my heart.

About the squishing and oozing ... I have said many times that when we are squished -- whatever is in us will come out. Often times, it isn't good. :o0

Bless you!