Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WORD...light at the end of the tunnel

One of the greatest things we can do when we are experiencing hard times is to see light at the end of the tunnel. With the economy the way it is these days, I would dare say that many of us are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, many people are looking for the wrong light. They are looking down the wrong tunnel.

Many Christians were surprised and outraged by the movie and books authored by Dan Brown, "The DaVinci Code". Dan Brown, the author was one of those wrong lights. People followed him down the wrong tunnel. His writings led the readers to believe that the church made up the idea of Christ being the Son of God and it was written thru Browns book, that the church suppressed those with a different perception.

Spreading "doubt" should not of taken us by surprise. After all, to some degree, doubt has been present throughout history. Most of us have heard of "Doubting Thomas", but in reality, didn't ALL of the disciples have doubt at first? (Luke 24:38)

"But we were hoping that He was the One who was about to redeem Israel."
(spoken with despair by two of the Disciples on the road to Emmaus) Luke 24:21

All of this doubt and despair was quickly turned around when the risen Christ showed Himself. The prophecies of the scripture were indeed a light at the end of the tunnel for all those who believed.

One of the prophecies that I studied this week was from Isaiah. It was prophesied that God's Messiah would be seen as the "Prince of Peace".

ISAIAH 9:6 "For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be on His shoulders. He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace."

Now it is true that war has been in our past, is currently present and most likely will be in our future. As long as there is opposition in this world ... we will have war! We shouldn't be surprised...and as Christians we should have the hope and the peace that God is our Prince of Peace and one day His vision of a peaceful world will happen. Isaiah saw this kind of peace, he had this kind of hope.

ISAIAH 2:4 "They will turn their swords into plows and their spears into pruning knives. Nations will not take up the sword against (other) nations, and they will never again train for war."

In last week's YOUR OPINION MATTERS POLL, I polled the readers the following question: "Who do you most look at as an "oppressor" in your life right now?" The top 3 responses were...
1. 35% of those voting said that they had oppressors in their life.
2. 21% of the readers voted and said that the oppressor in their life right now were creditors.
3. Another 21% voted and said an irritating family member was an oppressor to them.

Oppressors...those we battle with .... that we war the flesh and spiritually. The poll this week confirms to me that there isn't much difference between myself and "Doubting Thomas". When the battle brings me to the front line ...

Where is my faith?
Do I doubt that I have a Prince of Peace?
What do I hold on to?

Even though war continues on today, can I remind you, that God still holds the vision of Isaiah 2:4 before us. The way to overcome our oppressors is by accepting the Prince of Peace ... Jesus Christ!

WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WORD is a post that I designate each Wednesday to reflect on a personal study. For the next several weeks, I will be sharing some thoughts and scripture on promises of Christ returning for His church. Hope you will join me again next week as we venture into this study.

YOUR OPINION MATTERS POLL: please take time to vote in this weeks poll. I am asking about your family tree this week....YOUR OPINION REALLY DOES MATTER!


Denise said...

Really nice word sweetie.

Laurie Ann said...

Laurie, great word for today. There truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is such a God thing for me to read because last night I was wondering if there was no end in sight for something a loved one was going through. Then this morning I read a message where they specifically worded that they saw a light at the end of the tunnel. And now I come here and it's confirmed. Your post was timed perfectly in dealing with so many things I'm going through and I appreciate this word from your heart and from God. I can't wait to read the upcoming series - you know how much I love Bible prophecy and look forward to His return.

Peggy said...

Blessings Laurie...Thank you so much for sharing from your heart &
His light! I love how you use your polls in developing your weekly word! I'm so thankful that we share the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel...God with us! I miss out on things like the DaVinci Code though I think I saw it in the theaters here, I had no idea. As if we don't have enough
with winning unbelievers, we have to have someone instill doubt. Well, doubt's OUT in my life & I'm standing firm in my HOPE & faith.

Thanks for shedding light and leading us into battle against the oppressors! Piercing the darkness with Christ's Light & power as Our Prince of Peace. He overcame so that we can be more than conquerors, if the grave did not hold Him down, how can we loose our ground...He's a Solid Rock, our cornerstone, a firm foundation!

Bless you for your visit & looking forward to Christ's return & what you will be sharing!

Melanie said...

I am so thankful that I have the Lord as my "light at the end of the tunnel"! I just can't imagine where I'd be without His promise of hope and peace.