Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A PIECE OF MY HEART...who is your pilot?

Memorial Day.
A great day to remember things. Such things as: fallen soldiers, the men and women who have served us well in wartime and the sons and daughters that are currently serving our country.

Memorial Day is also a day to remember the One Who has been with each man, each woman, each mother, each father, and each child during times of fighting, times of peace and times of uncertainty.

On this day after Memorial Day, I am remembering exactly Who my God is!

Yesterday, it seemed like everything I picked up or turned on ~ flashed the news of North Korea launching their 2ND test missile. This morning the report is that they plan to launch several more. Not too many days ago, we read in the newspaper about the former President of South Korea committing suicide.

Is the threat of the enemy overshadowing our remembrance of Who God is?

I had the opportunity to IM my son Jeremy yesterday. What a great Memorial Day for me ... to chatter with my soldier. As many of you know, Jeremy has been serving our country over in South Korea for the past 9 months. When I asked him about this news flash, this is what he had to say to his mother....

"I am not worried about it and you shouldn't be either."
Spoken so eloquently, don't you think? But what he had to say is so true. I believe that God would say the same thing to you and me in the midst of our trial and fury. When the enemy is coming against us with full power and we don't know which way to turn. "Do I turn to the right or the left"? God would say to you...

"I am not worried about it and you shouldn't be either."
ISAIAH 41:10 "I am with you ...I will help...I will take good care of you."

It doesn't matter if you are in Korea, Arkansas, Utah, Mississippi or the ends of the earth ... God knows exactly what you are up against and He is your pilot. He will steer you in the right direction.

An airplane pilot who comes upon a storm and loses perspective has the option of flying thru the course alone or he can switch on auto pilot and receive help. God already knows how to steer you thru that storm... so why not switch on the auto pilot and let Him take over.

and that is a piece of my heart today!


Melanie said...

So very well stated, Laurie! Why should we be concerned when we have God?!

Denise said...


Laurie Ann said...

Amen, Laurie! I love your son's wisdom. This also resonated with me: Is the threat of the enemy overshadowing our remembrance of Who God is? Amen! I think sometimes it does, especially when we read headlines and say, "What is this world coming to?" We really know the answer to that and should be like your son and say, "I am not worried about it and you shouldn't be either."

Awesome post, my friend. God is definitely our Pilot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Laurie. I teared up a little just reading it. Jeremy told me the same thing when we talked about the bomb-testing on the phone...He said that he's not worried and that I shouldn't be either. I'm glad that he has such a peace about it, and that God is there with Him every step of the way. I love you.

LAURIE said...

Rachel...God is in it and His hand is outstretched and covering Jeremy. I PRAISE GOD for giving my Jeremy a loving, sweet and God-loving wife. You are precious to me. I believe that God is teaching all of us trust and faith while Jeremy is away on this mission. -love you hon.