Monday, May 4, 2009


You toss all night long.
You sleep all day long.
You wake up in the morning wishing it was still nighttime.
When a little baby does this, we call it "having our nights and days mixed up".

Some of us have our days and nights mixed up!
When we don't get a good nights rest ~ we cannot wake up refreshed. A restless night can cause us to have a miserable day.

God gave each of us 24 hours in a day. We sleep alittle bit and then we wake up feeling refreshed and start all over again! God intended for EACH morning to be a brand-new day, a fresh opportunity.
How long has it been, friend, since you have had a good nights sleep and woke up in the morning refreshed? Renewed? and saying ...."TODAY is the day my breakthrough will come. TODAY is the day that my miracle will happen. I can make it thru one more day!"
Today is truly the day the Lord has made!
Go ahead and rejoice in it...
(and get a good nights sleep while you are at it!!!)


Beth in NC said...

Hey girl, I was waiting to hear how we can sleep all night. lol

You are right though -- THIS IS THE DAY the Lord has made! Why wait until another day to REJOICE and ENJOY the day we've been given.

Bless you!

Mel said...

Sleep is wonderful!! I do pray for a nightly refreshing sleep!!!

Denise said...

Such a great post sweetie.

Pia said...

i used to experience difficulty in sleeping. that was when i was so stressed about issues in life. but when i learned to trust God, i then experienced a peaceful sleep every night. that doesn't mean my problems have been solved already. it's just that i learned to rest in God.