Thursday, March 5, 2009


Nobody can make something out of nothing. Have you ever tried to just grab some "air" with your hands and try to mold something out of it? Impossible, isn't it? Only God can make something out of nothing. In fact He did just that - look at creation, God made everything out of nothing!

Isn't it incredible that before God created the universe, nothing existed except God Himself. Everything that we see, the mountains, the oceans, the stars and the earth all came into existence simply by God speaking.

HEBREWS 11:3 "By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible."

The same is true for the precious gift of life. God created each and every one of us and in us He has placed purpose and meaning. Everything that exists has purpose, it has a goal and a reason for being.

On this THANKFUL THURSDAY, I am so grateful for Gods hand in creation. Not only has He created beautiful things on this earth for us to enjoy but within each of us He has placed a purpose.

When I think of having purpose and meaning, I think of our dear sister, Iris. Within Iris, God placed a purpose and desire for this weekly meme. A place that we, as fellow sister bloggers could come together and offer up thanks for His goodness every week. What an encouragement this place has been for me as I have participated every week for the past year. What an encouragement Iris has been to me as we have connected not only here at TT but over at Laced with Grace and personally thru private emails.

I am thankful for Iris.
I am thankful for her diligent work with TT.
I am thankful that God gave her a passion for giving thanks.

As you know, Iris is taking a "blogging break". She will be missed dearly. It is because of her passion and her creativity that this weekly meme THANKFUL THURSDAY will continue. God is bringing forth some new passions within Iris and I pray that His hand will touch each step she takes!

With Iris taking a break, it is with great honor that she has asked me to join Lynn of SPIRITUALLY UNEQUAL MARRIAGE to co-host THANKFUL THURSDAY. Lynn and I will be rotating months as the TT hosts and this month you can link to TT over at Lynn's place. CLICK HERE to find more grateful hearts!
I can't wait to hear what you are thankful for today!


Lynn said...

Hi Laurie,

Girl, I am too, so thankful for the many months Iris hosted TT. I think this is one of the most important events in my week.

So glad you are I are teaming up to continue our weekly praises for our Lord. Love you girl. Hugs

~ Mhay ~ said...

We will surely miss Iris..Thank God for her passion. And thank you for your advocacy to continue TT for us all. Happy Thursday and God bless!

Pia said...

i thank God for TT because i am able to openly express my gratitude to our Almighty God. i'm also grateful to iris and now to lynn and you for continuing this meme... God bless your hearts.

Angela said...

AWESOME thankful post...

Debbie said...

Oh Laurie, I am also thankful for Iris. I found her through Lori of Lori's Reflections. But once I started doing thankful Thursday, it really helped me gain a new perspective. Having to write and reflect on what I'm thankful for has cultivated more of a grateful heart in me. So, I join you in saying thank you to Iris.

Debra said...


What a precious tribute to your sister and friend, Iris. And what a beautiful thankful heart you have.

So glad to be with my sisters on TT...

Hugs to you today!

Denise said...

I am also very thankful for dear Iris, and will miss her. I appreciate you, and Lynn for taking over Thankful Thursday, bless you both.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Laurie and Lynn for taking up the torch on Thankful Thursdays. Iris will be greatly missed and very much appreciated for all her hard work.

Purpose...there are days when I am still trying to find my purpose in life. I know my purpose as a child of God but there are other purposes that I am here to do...still trying to figure that one out.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...


Sister, I am so proud of you and the great post you write each day.

My computer is dying. Sometimes it works as it is now. Most of the time it doesn't. Larry has ordered me a new one so in a few weeks I will be up and sharing.


Laurie Ann said...

I have been so blessed by Thankful Thursday and Iris. I'm so glad Lynn and you will be hosting and that it won't just go away. I cannot imagine not having Thankful Thursday. Loved your sweet post, Laurie. Happy Thankful Thursday!

Rita T. said...

We'll miss Iris but we praise God that others are there to stand in the gap while she's gone. Thanks!

shopannies said...

I love TT and it seems to allow me to vent and reminds me that there are always things to be thankful of

love your post