Thursday, March 26, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY...making mistakes

Today, we join Lynn from spiritually Unequal Marriage as she hosts THANKFUL THURSDAY today. Lynn and I are taking turns hosting TT and next week you will find Mr linky here as I will be hosting Thankful Thursday for the month of April. I hope to see you back here next week!

This week on Thankful Thursday, I wanted to give attention to my mistakes and how thankful I am for them!


Who in their right mind is thankful for their mistakes?

I would like to suggest that all of us should be thankful for them. Face it, nobody likes mistakes but we all make them. Some more than others. How do I know that we ALL make mistakes? Because God's Word says so! "For we have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

It's not the actual mistake that I am praising God for here today, but it is the refining, the re-tooling, the molding, the forgiving and the learning that takes place because of my mistake!

"Our loving God uses difficulty in our lives to burn away the sin of self and build faith and spiritual power." - BILL BRIGHT

Mistakes are the price we pay for being human; repeated mistakes are the price we pay for being stubborn!

PROVERBS 15:31 "If you listen to correction to improve your life, you will live among the wise."

Have you made a mistake? If so, today is the perfect day to make things right with can make it right with yourself, your family, your friends and with God!

Dear Lord, I have so much to learn. Help me to realize that my mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow in You. Help me to watch, to listen, to think and learn, not just today but everyday of my life. Amen.



Denise said...

Such an awesome thankful post.

Rocks said...

Hi Laurie! I am excited to be here next week for Thankful Thursday :)

I have had many mistakes too, Sometimes those mistakes brought me to my feet but like you, now I can look back and be thankful because I know I learned a lot through those mistakes.

Hazel said...

Indeed it's the learning from mistakes that we should thankful for. Thanks for reminding us of this concept.

Grammy said...

You are so right.
Happy Thankful Thursday.

Jerralea said...

Wow, Laurie, what a great word! I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't messed up in the past! I love when you said: Mistakes are the price we pay for being human; repeated mistakes are the price we pay for being stubborn!

Can I quote you on that?

Beth in NC said...

Ha, you're funny. Yes, praise God for our mistakes because how else would we learn?

Bless you today! Happy TT!

Rita T. said...

This is the first post I've read where someone has thanked God for mistakes! I love it...we all make mistakes and sometimes we get to feeling so very guilty. Great thoughts.

Debbie said...

How true, Laurie. I'm so thankful that I can come before Him daily and confess how I've messed up and receive His forgiveness. His mercies are new every morning; great is His faithfulness. My prayer is that I learn from my mistakes. You're so right how He refines us and shapes us through mistakes so we will conform to the image of Christ. I need a lot of chipping away of my SELF, that's for sure.

Laurie Ann said...

Every mistake I have made has taught me a lesson. I'm in agreement with you on being thankful for the refining process that comes with it! God is so good in teaching us and guiding us in the way we should go. Happy Thankful Thursday!

BoufMom9 said...

AMEN! What a perfect post! So fitting for thankful Thursday and so true.
So much knowledge to be learned for the lessons of our mistakes...


becky aka theRAV said...

This was a wonderful post! I read it earlier but didn't have time to comment. Then I forgot about a meeting which I missed last night so I was kicking myself for my absentmindedness. It is hard sometimes to acknowledge our mistakes but when we can, it is wonderful. I also liked your Stand by My Man post. I am going to send your link to our preacher's wife. I am sure she will get a hoot out of it! Bless you.

Lynn said...

Amen, Laurie.

Girl, I will be here to see you next week. Hugs.