Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A PIECE OF MY HEART...what are you passionate about?

This week, I have been thinking about the things that I am passionate about.

Usually when asked about our passion, we will name WHO we are passionate about.

~ I am passionate about Jesus
~ I am passionate about my family
~ I am passionate about my co-workers
~ I am passionate about my church

How often do we think about WHAT we are passionate about? Take some time and ponder that question...

Are you excited about your career?
about your ministry?

2 CHRONICLES 31:21 "He did it with all his heart. So he prospered."
WHATever you are passionate about probably first started with a WHO.
  • if you are passionate about your family (who) then you will have a passion to spend time with them (what).

  • if you are passionate about your coworkers (who) then you will have a passion to work well with others (what).

  • if you are passionate about Christ (who) then you will have a passion to serve others (what).
What stirs up your passion? ...is it cars, shopping, gardening, cooking, sports or traveling? Is it your job, your ministry or your walk with the Lord?

Understand what your passion is and then take it to the extreme.


So WHAT are you passionate about today?

and that is a piece of my heart today;


Michele Williams said...

Great post! I did something like this last month. I am passionate about the Lord, my hubby, my family, and ministry. I hope to be able to display that to them and others by the commitment,time, and love I give to them...

Bless you...
Beelieve U Can,

Laurie Ann said...

I have learned that I'm passionate about sharing Jesus, reading His Word, spending time with family and friends, reading and writing.

Great post, Laurie!