Monday, March 16, 2009

FINE ARTS...using your God given gift

This past weekend, I attended our annual FINE ARTS COMPETITION. This is an opportunity for our youth from all over the state of Arkansas to come together and demonstrate the gifting that Christ has given them and perform. There are many different categories to choose from to compete in from short sermon to singing, to song-writing, to drama. Just to mention a few.

I am always in awe to watch jr. and sr. high teens utilizing the giftings that God has given them. And this weekend was no different. Each performance is performed in front of 3 judges who have a list of criteria that must be met. If a performer receives a score of 36 or more, they advance to the National level, and are eligible for a scholarship.

I was extremely proud of our youth group, not only for performing at their very best but for the conduct and the Christ-likeness that they shared at this event. There were 2 young ladies that really moved me with their performances this weekend, and I just have to take a moment here to brag on them alittle. Both of these young ladies scored well enough on their performances that they advanced to Nationals, which will be held in August in Orlando, Florida.

The first young lady is ALYSSA...She impressed me with her performance in the category of "performing arts" where she expressed an ultimate act of worship by painting with her hands a tree as she shared scripture and told us about how God is the root and in Him we grow into something beautiful.


Alyssa also presented a short children's sermon, in which she advanced to Nationals for. Alyssa is a special young lady with some awesome potential. The reason Alyssa stands out alittle bit more than the other performers is because she is my son's girlfriend.


The second young lady who impressed me with her performance is ANNA. Anna performed in 3 different categories. She performed with a group of kids in presenting a skit, and she also performed in a large group human video. She has worked really hard at both of these - practicing and staying focused even when she may have not felt like it. The performances of both the skit and the human video were breath taking and absolutely awesome! Anna advanced to Nationals for both of these events.


"HUMAN VIDEO" (Anna is the one being held up)

In addition, Anna participated in the poetry division. She submitted a free form poem and even though she did not make it to Nationals in this category - it is worthy to mention. This was her first attempt at writing poetry and her entry missed going to Nationals by a 1/2 point. That is something to be proud of!

I am so proud of this young lady. Not only am I proud of her for her hard work and her awesome performance at Fine Arts this weekend, but I am so proud of her because Anna is my daughter.


Attending this Fine Arts weekend has reminded me that each of us have been given talent and gifts, and what an awesome blessing it is when we walk obediently in those giftings and use our talents for Jesus Christ.



Jennifer said...

Congratulations again, Anna and Alyssa!

Laurie, it brings tears to my eyes to see and hear our young people serving, worshipping, using their many talents and loving the Lord. We have an awesome group of talented teenagers and we are all very, very proud of them.

Amazing job, young ladies and young men!!!

Laurie Ann said...

Congrats to these two young ladies for using their God-given gifts in such a setting that honors Him. I know you enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing!

LauraLee Shaw said...

I love, Love, LOVE this!!!! Nothing makes my heart pound more than to see young people using their gifts and talents to serve the Lord! And wow, what talent indeed!!!! Thanks for sharing, sister Laurie.

Mary Beth said...

I get to be at MI Fine Arts this weekend as a judge for Small Drama Group, Small Human Video Group and Puppets.

I am just REALLLY happy I don't have to judge female vocal solo... the category that goes on and on and on and on... hearing the same songs over and over and over... LOL