Friday, March 27, 2009


One of my most favorite bloggers is LISA of The Preacher's Wife. One of the reasons I just love Lisa is because she has a gift to write with such flair, humor and excitement! Another reason is because Lisa loves the Pastors wife. And since I am one of those, it blesses the socks off of me that she cares about me!
You will see Lisa not only over at her personal blog, but often times you will see her penning some great thoughts over at CHRISTIAN WOMEN ONLINE. One of the most recent things that she has done on her blog is spotlight different ministries of Pastors wives. She has named this segment: "The Woman Beside the Man."

I got thinking about that title.
What does it mean, for me, to be the woman beside my man.
I came up with a top ten list of what it means for me be a Pastors wife ... standing beside my man ...a Pastor:

TOP TEN LIST: standing beside my man!

#10...I stand beside my man when a little sweet, precious lady says his tie is ugly.
(it is great hon...I picked it out didn't I?)

#9...I stand beside my man when he leads us in a chorus and he might sound alittle off key. (it is music to my ears hon!)

#8...I stand beside my man when he tells the entire congregation how old I am when it is my birthday.
(45 and proud of it hon - go ahead tell the world!)

#7...I stand beside my man when after several attempts to get his attention while he is preaching, he acknowledges what a great supporter I am of his.
(hon ... I was actually just trying to tell you that your zipper was down!)

#6...I stand beside my man when he tells his favorite joke to the congregation, and even though this is the 129th time I have heard it, I still laugh.
(hon...they are so corny I can't help but to laugh!)

#5...I stand beside my man when he stands before the congregation to pray for someone and he can't talk because of the emotion he feels.
(hon...never apologize for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit!)

#4...I stand beside my man when we are about to celebrate our wedding anniversary and he gets an emergency call to come to the hospital.
(hon ... dinner will wait, a grieving spouse or dying friend may not be able to wait...)

#3...I stand beside my man when he feels discouraged because all he has dealt with is sickness, death, and despair all week long.
(hon ... I pray daily that God would lead and guide you and keep you!)

#2... I stand beside my man when he volunteers me to fill in where nobody else will and forgets to tell me that he did until the last minute.
(hon ... I will serve where I can and at moments notice!)

and the #1 reason I STAND BESIDE MY MAN is:

#1...I stand beside my man because God didn't just call him to ministry!
(yep ladies...God called me too alongside my man!)


Lisa, The Preachers Wife has spotlighted my man's helpmate (yep that's me!) today over at her "The Woman beside the Man" segment - please check it out .... FIND IT HERE!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


You are a doll and I LOVE your list! What a fabulous idea!

And I'm sorry, but the zipper down thing absolutely cracked me up! lol

I'm so blessed to know you!

Cindy said...

Hi Laurie, loved the post "Stand by Your Man." I really enjoyed that, what an inspiration and very true. Blessings to you!!! Love how God is using you!!!


Cora said...


I saw your profile at Lisa's site and thought I'd stop by. I loved your top ten list! It just stirred my heart to see your love for your ministry man.

Cora @

Melanie said...

OH, Laurie... what a great list! I so love the heart of a minister's wife! While I am not one myself, I was raised in a family of ministers (my father was a music minister and now in a ministry leadership role, my grandfather was a minister, several uncles... you get the picture!) and I know first-hand all that is expected and a part of that role. It truly is a God-called role in life and I have deep love and respect for each one of you.

May God be with you both in your special, special ministry to the people of your church and community!

eph2810 said...

Laurie - I think that is so awesome that you shared the reasons why you stand by your man. I think that pastor's wives have it really tough - they are very special women in my eyes. They share their husbands with a lot of people....

Mary Beth said...

Great interview Laurie and I love this blog post.

I will have to think of my own top ten... :-)