Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today on THANKFUL THURSDAY, I have a different kind of post. I want to take time to give thanks to all those MEN out in blogger world that are taking a stand!

The name of my blog is WOMEN TAKING A STAND, and that is NOT intended to seclude any of the male gender Christians who are striving to take a stand for God. The name of my blog originates from a ministry that God placed in my heart a few years ago, to teach and equip women to stand in the wake of the enemy crouching on their home fronts. If you know me personally, (other than blogosphere - but actually in person) than you know any time I teach a Bible Study or lead a class, the name WOMEN TAKING A STAND is my logo or trademark.

Recently, I had a male reader (and an awesome friend) email me this message:

"I think you need to change the name of your blog...
the things you write about are things that we men also need to hear.
Not just women!"

This seems to be an interesting subject.
I came across a blog site that made mention of this subject and it spurred me on to think about this whole male vs. female readership issue. She (the blogger) said that she does not encourage male readership on her blog and in fact she opposes any kind of teaching of authority over men.

First of all, I am in total support of my man being the authority figure in my home. He is the head of our home (next to God). He is the spiritual leader of our family. I believe EVERY scripture that says that the woman should submit to her man, and I try very hard to do this (but I have to admit sometimes I fail.)

This has caused me to think about the readers of my blog. WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? Am I speaking over things that I scripturally do not have the right to?

Now, if you would look over comments that are left on my postings, you will see that the majority of those leaving comments are WOMEN. No doubt, my vision - which is to encourage women to pursue God with passion, power and prayer is accomplishing what I prayed it would.


This THANKFUL THURSDAY, I would like to give gratitude to ALL of my male readers. Even though it says, "WOMEN taking a stand" at the top of this blog site - I want to applaud you for also taking a stand for your families. My friend who emailed me is right... the things I write about ARE NOT just for women. Every post will direct you to God's Word and God's Word is intended for ALL that will hear it. Women and Men. God's Word is full of principles that we all need.
"Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."
That verse says for ALL who hears the word!

So for today... We will change the blog name to ...
(sorry - but we'll go back to the original name after I post this...)


(These are four of my most devoted male readers..MY BOYS!)

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Denise said...

Such a great post sweetie.

sharon said...

This is nice; I love your blog and I really appreciate this - I have men that are taking a stand too: My dad, my uncles, my fiance and my brothers so on their behalf I'll say 'thank you!'

Stacy said...

Very insightful post! I also have a website called Proverbs 31 devotionals. It is mainly for women, but I do have some men who stop by to visit. I am thankful that they see it worthy of their time.

I'm having a contest to kick off my new Monday meme. If you get a chance, stop by and take a look!

Debra said...

I have come to a place in my life where I filter what people say to me through what the Lord is telling me. It made my TT list

**I am grateful for the knowledge that people pleasing is poison...God pleasing is the way to go!

Be true to the Lord and all will be well with your soul...self examination is good but no angst ok?

This was a great post! Have a beautiful Thursday filled with all things Jesus!

genny/entry here said...

Thank you for such a nice post great one. TC

Laurie Ann said...

Awesome post, Laurie. I love your stand. It's ministered to me so much. Good wisdom here, too. Happy Thankful Thursday!

Peggy said...

Great job Laurie...Maybe it should read God's People Taking a Stand...
I missed that you kinda said this but the reason I put GOD's is so you get Godly men...(lol)

This is excellent to hold up our men...your men in this case...and male readership.

God's plan for them as head!!!

I never looked at my readership or this issue but I personally would feel awkward visiting men's blogs ...and leaving comments (though I read many Pastor's sites). Do not take this wrong though cuz I totally agree! And I do believe much of what YOU share is good for I think mine is...but if men read mine and comment(which happened once) I had a hard time being openly reciprocal.

Bless you for your faithful visits!

Stacy said...

Laurie, hot dog sauce, it is the same thing as coney sauce. I'm posting the recipe on my blog on Tuesday of next week. Stop by if you want to see it.

Thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to visit my blog. (((hugs)))

Serendipity said...

Such an insightful post! Thank you for sharing it. Have a blessed weekend!

Laura said...

On the 100 day challenge I'm on to pray for our military, this was Thursday's prayer:

Day 35-

God, be with all of the mothers today whose children are serving overseas. Comfort them and give them peace and encouragement. Amen.

You know who I immediately thought of?!! Praying for you and your family!