Thursday, September 25, 2008

THANKFUL is a choice

Welcome to THANKFUL THURSDAY. The day that my blogging friends give thanks to the Lord for all the wonderful things He is doing in their lives. We have so much to be thankful for, I pray not one day, not one moment is taken for granted.

I was thinking back over the summer and reflecting on all of the weddings that took place. We had four weddings in the past couple of months, one being my son's. I just love weddings. The feeling of love is found everywhere. You just can't help but smile when you are at a wedding.


(who are these people????!?)


That is the exact thing I remember on my wedding day.

In today's society, divorce is on a rampant up climb. It seems that couples enter into their marriage relationship with the idea that "we'll give it a try and if it doesn't work out...we tried!" Marriage is NOT to be entered into lightly. God hates divorce. It is NOT His plan for any couple. So what happens between that moment of love, commitment, joy to the day in divorce court. What happens to love?

Do you remember the song several years ago..."50 ways to leave your lover"? My guess is that couples have bought into this idea that love doesn't last forever. Leaving is easier than staying.

That is what people think.

Quite contrary to that belief...God's design for marriage is one man for one woman. That means staying IS better than leaving.

Love is a choice.

Today on THANKFUL THURSDAY, I am grateful for all of the couples that have led the way by staying together for 50, 60, and 75 years. To know someone who has been married that long today is a real gem. a rare gem.

This week my hubby and I are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary. People often say to us when we tell them how long we have been married, "Wow...Congratulations! That's great!" As if 27 years is such a milestone. I guess in today's society it is. For me, it is just a beginning to our lifetime together.

"We've only just begun!"

Thank you for choosing to love me!

Today on THANKFUL THURSDAY, I am thankful for YOU, for your love, for your commitment to me and our family and thankful for the joy that you bring me each and every day!


1 JOHN 4:7 "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God."

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AnNa BaNaNa BeLl said...

That was so sweet! I'm so happy you guys are still together and I know you will always be together!!!


Lynn said...

Wow Laurie,

27 years is a testament to our Lord. Thank you. Neat TT post.

Anonymous said...

hey mom this is jordan... this is really more for your blog readers and you... to all who dont have the extreme honor and privelege of knowing my parents in person i just want to say that my parents are the ultimate example of what a loving, caring, compassionate.... (honestly this list could go on forever and ever) couple should be ... words can not even begin to describe wat such amazing and loving people my parents are... through them i know how to be in a genuine, love filled marriage they are the greatest influences in my life and the are the most godly people ever... im sorry mom but no matter wat i sit here and type it isnt good enough to describe how thankful i am for god giving me you and dad... you two are truly the type of people that i can only wish to grow up and be half of the amazing people that yall are ... I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! i know that the rest of your lifes will be full of love and joy with each other... your loving and ever so thankful son jordan

Anonymous said...
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LAURIE said...

WOW! Anna Banana bell and Anonymous....what in the world did a Mother do to deserve kids like you. I love you both and PRAY that one day you will have someone who loves you with all of their heart and that you will have a marriage that is based on Gods foundations! (but that better not be for a very very very long time!!!!)

love you, MOM

Susan said...

Hey Laurie,

Happy Anniversary!!!

This was just beautiful. I'm so excited for you and your precious family.

Thanks for sharing this post with us.

I pray for 27 more glorious years together.

Happy TT~

Debra said...


What a beautiful testimony to a loving God! Well done, Laurie. A beautiful TT post.

Blessings to you!!

Darlene said...

Happy Anniversary! 27 years! So proud for you. Thanks for the encouragement and reminding me not to take things especially family for granted.
Sweet Blessings,

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer said...


You guys are an amazing couple and have raised wonderful, respectful, God pleasing children. Keep up the good want to train mine?

Love you guys!!!

Laurie Ann said...

Great teaching on marriage commitment, Laurie. And Happy Anniversary! Happy Thankful Thursday!

gen/entry here said...

wow 27 years is a long time hopefully i can have that long...happy Anniversary...May God bless you both.

Peggy said...

Blessings and a very Happy & Blessed Anniversary! I read what anna banana bell & anon.jordan had to say and what more needs to be said! You have been richly blessed and have passed on a living legacy with your prayers even now for their future mate by the marriage you have lived before their eyes! This was a beautiful thankful Thursday and testimony of commitment to marriage! Praise God! Your choice for LOVE was perfect and to live that choice of love was awesome! may you be blessed with an abundance and many, many more! Keep praying for them to wait & weigh that choice! God be with you both and your wonderful family!!!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! You all are truly an inspiration for younger couples in our church. I love seeing you all and can feel the love that you all have for each other. Mark and I are getting close to 5 years and when struggles occur all we have to do is look at couples like you all to know that God is in control and everything will work out! Thanks for being such an inspirational couple!

Lori @ Front Porch Legacy said...

Happy Anniversary! My man and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary on September 22nd.

So. I'm one of those that will say "WOW, 27 years...awesome!"

Serendipity said...

Blessed Anniversary to you! What a sweet post! Remain blessed!