Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A PIECE OF MY HEART...the rug jerked me under!


This very thing happened to me this past week.

  • Out of the blue!
  • It came from nowhere!
  • It hit me right between the eyes!
  • The rug was jerked underneath me and I fell flat on my face!

Yep...I came down with strep throat and was seriously sick. So what...if I had weekend plans, if I had responsibilities around the house, if I had better things to do besides lay in the bed.

But in the bed is where I laid. With the covers up over my head because I was cold. With the fan blowing on high gear because I was hot. Hot, then cold. Cold, then hot.

I share this lovely event of my weekend with you because I am reminded that this is exactly what happens to some Christians. As we walk along in our Christian walk ~right out the blue; seems like it comes from nowhere, the enemy throws a dart at us and it seems to hit us right between the eyes and before we know it, the rug is jerked from underneath us and we fall flat on our face!

It happens to the best of Christians. We get busy with the kids and work and we tend to put family devotions on the back burner. We slept in too late so we didn't have time to read our Bible. Pray? well maybe tomorrow - there was simply no time today.

Just like this sickness crept up on me, so will the enemy creep and sneak into the Christians life. We leave open huge entrances when we slack on our devotions, our prayer time and bible reading.

In order for me to get better, to kick this illness I had to go to the doctor. It wasn't enough for the doctor to TELL me I was sick, I had to DO something to get better. I had to get a shot and I had to take 3 different kinds of medicine. The medicine would not work if I did not take it everyday. I couldn't just take it when I felt like taking it - but each and every day until the prescription ran out.

For a Christian, our doctor (God) has prescribed us 3 important prescriptions also. 1. His Holy Spirit. 2. His Word and 3. Fellowship with the Father.

Without a daily dose of these things, you will become a weak and feeble Christian. This prescription works best if taken daily. No need to refill the prescription, it is available to all who will partake of it.


Don't be a hot/cold Christian.

Don't let the rug (enemy) jerk you under.

REVELATION 3:16 " So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth."

Maintain a healthy walk with the Lord.

And that's a piece of my heart today;


Jennifer said...

This is some awesome stuff! Thank you for sharing your heart...a genuine, Godly woman's heart.

Love you!

Laurie Ann said...

Great post, Laurie, and I'm so sorry you were sick. Praying you're feeling better now.

AnNa BaNaNa BeLl said...

Mother, this blog was TREMENDOUS! I was very impressed. Yes you got sick, but are now better. I'm thankful you are able to clean the house again! ILOVEYOU!!!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow, what an applicable post for us as women. Love your insights as usual. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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