Friday, December 30, 2016

Daily Proverb

TODAY'S DAILY PROVERB finds us in one of the last chapters of Proverbs. I hope you have followed along with me this month as we looked at a proverb each day and found some wisdom daily to apply to our life!

Today's Daily Proverb is found in Verse 33 of chapter 30, but it is abit odd...

"churned milk turns into butter; riled emotions turn into fist fights".

However, reading the scripture before this will make it make more sense...

"If you’re dumb enough to call attention to yourself by offending people and making rude gestures, Don’t be surprised if someone bloodies your nose."

I love how plain and simple the Proverb writings are! Basically, it is telling us that whatever we keep spinning, something will come from it. The things that we churn will produce something!

If we keep churning milk, butter will be the by product. If we churn conflict with others, a bruised face ur bloody nose may be the by product. (Ouch)

If this is true for spinning anguish with others, imagine what the by product could be of the opposite; if we churned goodness, Grace, joy or love towards one another. I would love to be on the receiving end of what THAT produced ~ how about you?


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