Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...a stone of sodium

I looked out my front door to see what the commotion was about. The neighborhood dogs were all barking, almost like in unison. It didn't take me long to see what all of the racket was about. Someone was out walking their dog.

It appeared there was more "stopping" then "walking" going on.

The poor dog on the leash was totally distracted by all of the barking dogs. It appeared the poor fella did not know which way to go. To the right or to the left. In his confusion, he just stopped dead in his tracks. The human at the end of the leash tried to get the dog to budge, with no prevail.

As humorous as I thought this picture looked, I realized how very NOT funny it is when this happens to us humans. Truth is, many times we can be walking the straight and narrow pathway and BANG...something pops up in front of us that totally distracts us from following God's lead. We hesitate, should we go to the right or to the left?  Many times when we take control of the leash, we end up going the wrong way or worse yet, we just stay at a standstill.

Staying at a standstill is not a good place to be.
Look at Lot's wife. She did not follow God's lead and ended up being at a permanent standstill. She became a pillar of salt!

GENESIS 19:26 "But Lot's wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt."

God was leading Lot and his family to a better place, to a place of safety and of new beginnings. Lot's wife was not looking forward, she was still focused on the past, on what she was leaving behind. Maybe the story of Lot is not so much about disobedience as it is for us to see the importance of not staying in our past. We must trust God for our future and allow Him to take control of the leash while we are on this "walk" of life.

If that dog would have just trusted his owner, he could have quickly gotten past the barking dogs. No doubt the human would have taken him down a safe path. When we relinquish the control back to God, He will not lead us astray. But if we don't trust Him, we jeopardize the possibility of becoming a stone of sodium. A pillar of salt.

Will you look to your future? or are you going to look back?

this has been a piece of my heart today;


Michele Williams said...

Great post! Too often it's when we are focusing on what happened in the past.. that keeps us from moving forward. Thank you for the reminder.

Denise said...

I will look to my future, and the one who holds my future.

Sharon Cohen said...

I must admit that the picture of the dog caused me to pause at your post. It looks like my Basset Hound, Celia. Because of Celia - your post resonates with me. She too was difficult to walk - though she was 65 pounds of tug and pull; uncontrolled and oblivious to my commands. Every day during 2006, we fought the fight on our daily walk. Then - like her master and her mistress - she had a stroke.

God loves the three of us. He allowed each of us to pull and tug and try to break free - until our own behaviors brought on stroke. Each of us learned to listen and follow His voice, our Master's voice - not always but more often.

Krista said...

Distractions can hinder our focus on where God is leading us! I sure don't want to miss out on new beginnings the Lord has for me by the distractions of this world. I don't want to just standstill...I want to constantly be moving forward to what God has for my life! Amen!

Love Ya,