Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me and my shadow!

This morning we awoke to a mighty storm brewing over our house.
The winds were gushing wild, the sky was as dark as could be and there seemed to be a shadow of gloom hovering in the air.

I have just described today's weather in my neighborhood, but don't you know that this could also describe how you feel when you are going thru a valley. A dark spot. A trial. A testing that seems too much to handle.

Did you know that regardless of the weather conditions, when you are facing a valley, it is dreadful and dreary. The sun can be shining brightly in the sky above, but on the floor of the valley lies misery, gloom and darkness. It is so easy to become overwhelmed and to begin believing that the whole world is full of darkness and light will never shine again. Can I tell you, that these type of shadows are very deceiving!

Shadows always seem larger than life. Think about it ... when you are out on the street and see your shadow in front of you, doesn't it grow larger than it is? The shadows of darkness that looms around us always appear larger than they are in reality.

I got thinking about shadows the other day,
and I realized that being afraid of the dark is not very rational. Shadows cannot hurt us. They may seem large and the darkness of them may seem unsettling, but truth is - there is nothing tangible about shadows. When was the last time you were hurt by a shadow?

I stood out in my front driveway the other day, and a UPS truck drove by, as it passed me, the shadow of the truck illuminated my drive. But I was not afraid, why? because shadows have no substance. Almost as quickly as the shadow appeared, light overcast the shadow.

Wherever there are shadows ... there is also light! In fact, without light, shadows would not exist. Light must encounter the darkness for a shadow to be created.

Jesus said, "As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world!" (John 9:5)

Whenever we find ourselves in the valley and fearing the shadows that loom around us, the best action to take is to just turn our back on the shadow and face the light. Remember, there is always light in your shadow, where God's light is, darkness will not remain.

Don't fear the shadow, walk in His light!


Holly said...


the best action to take is to just turn our back on the shadow and face the light

Great advice!

Enjoyed your post today,


Michele Williams said...

I really like what you said too...turn your back on the shadow and face the light. Many times I will say, "Satan, get behind me!" When he is tempting me or causing me to have doubts. Great post.

Denise said...

Awesome post.