Monday, October 4, 2010

A letter to my readers!

Dear family, friends and followers of my blog;

Thank you for following my blog and for your constant support and encouragement. Who would have thought that God would stir in me a new found passion when I started blogging several years ago.

But He did, and I love to share His love and encouragement thru my writing! As many of you know, I am currently writing my first devotional book. I am so excited about this while at the same totally scared! But God has it all under control and in His hands, I place each page that is written.

I cannot do this alone!!
 I already have God with me, but I also need YOU! In my devotional book, I will be covering several "life" topics and there is no better way to express God's power and love than thru personal testimonies. In my devotional book, I will be highlighting testimonies from people just like you! So get ready to share with others what God has done for you!

Currently, I am writing the chapter of "Forgiveness". Please leave me an answer to the following question in the comment section:

 "How do you define forgiveness? and please share with the readers the one thing that you find the most difficult to forgive."

Please include your name, blog site and email address with your response. I will not be able to use every one's comments in my book, but I will use as many as I can.

Thank you for your support and love;


Thou Art Jules said...

It is hardest for me to forgive people who don't forgive others. Does that make sense? lol

I've actually been pondering this lately. But people who just seem apathetic and unforgiving are the ones I struggle with the most.

Jennifer said...

Through one of the most difficult situations in our lives, I had to "learn" to forgive. Forgiveness to me was totally surrendering all my anger, hurts, emotional pain to God...leaving it ALL at His feet. In that process, I had to not only forgive these people but I had to ask God to bless them and their family. That is the part that I struggled with the most. They were taking things from me and my family but I was supposed to ask God to bless them? My reply was "God, you got to be kidding me, right?" and the answer came back as "no, I'm not kidding if you want me to forgive you of your sins and bless you then you have to forgive those who hurt you, steal from you, mistreat you and ask me to bless them!" Wow! I went through the motions of saying the words every day when I drove by their house and finally, one day after about a month...I truly felt it in my spirit and really meant it. At that same moment, the anger and hurt was gone and I didn't want anything bad to happen to them because of what they had done to us. Our reward was we were given the victory in the impossible situation that we were facing because of these people. I don't believe that God would have given us the victory if I refuse to be obediet and forgive them.

It was truly one of the most rewarding lessons that I learned and have applied it to other situations in my life but absolutely the most difficult.

Sorry...didn't mean to write a book. lol

Holly said...

Defining Forgiveness: In my life I have learned that true forgiveness is turning the hurts over to God. It wasn't until my divorce and all the hurt and anger of an adulterous relationship that God allowed me to walk through that anger and hate all on my own (because I turned away from his ways) to walk in the same sins as my Husband! Its when you are brought face to face with your own sin - the log hanging out of your to speak and you see that God has forgiven MUCH... He forgave my many many sins that I could look upon others sin and realize that we are all dead in our trespasses without CHRIST! If through Christ's sacrifice I am forgiven of the horrible sin in my heart - then I can forgive others for their sin against me and love them in spite of that sin!

Crystal said...

Forgiveness - letting go and moving on from someone or something that has changed your life in a negative way. This means you must not hold bitterness, anger, resentment, or hate for the person or thing whether they accept that they caused you pain or not. The last part (whether they accept it or not) is the most difficult for me to deal with personally. I have been asked many times during my current "storm" how I can not hold these feelings. The only answer I ever come up with is that I am not perfect and it causes me more pain to hold on to these feelings than when I let go. If I continue to not forgive this person, I am hurting myself more than anyone else. When you choose to not forgive someone, you choose to live a life full of anger and resentment. This is not the way God intended us to live regardless of our storms. He wants us to find peace above all else. The only way to find this peace is to forgive. My father has basically had no part in my life, yet I forgive him because why should I hurt myself when it doesnt hurt him? The other man in my life that was supposed to love and cherish me did everything but that for years, yet I choose to forgive him because again, it does nothing but hurt me if I dont. While my forgiveness has been questioned, it is not something for anyone else to judge. I forgive, I may never forget but everything has made me a stronger person and have more faith that God can get me through any storm. Why be unforgiving when the person it hurts most is the one who will not forgive not the one you are holding ill feelings for.