Thursday, June 10, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY ... being unique

While I am out of the country on a missions trip, I am re posting older posts. This post originally posted on December 3, 2009:

Today I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I gathered up several different styles before I finally found a pair that actually looked alright on me. On my way to the checkout to pay for my purchase, a beautiful blouse caught my eye. So I made a slight detour to check it out. It was hand beaded and beautiful (but not on sale!), as I looked at the tag for the price, something on the tag jumped out at me. The tag read, "I am your special garment. I am unique and often hand-woven, hand-beaded, hand-printed, and hand-painted. My defects are part of my beauty!"

Have you ever considered your "defects" as being part of your beauty? You know what I mean...all those things that when we look in the mirror we see as flaws or defects. Wrinkles, grey hair, extra weight, etc. I once read that the average woman in America is a size 14 ... well who am I to try to be below average? The culture that we live in today tells us something different though, doesn't it? It trys to sell us on all kinds of products that will erase away, tuck away and wax away those things that we find unacceptable, so that we can be less than the average size.

GENESIS 1:31 "God looked over all that He had made, and it was excellent in every way."

Each of us is made in a very special and unique way and God loves us so much that He gave each of us His own garment tag and it reads, "Created by His hand to do marvelous and wonderful things. You are my special child, unique, not like any other."

Being unique is something we all can be thankful for! What are you thankful for today...join your grateful heart with ours this week as we celebrate THANKFUL THURSDAY!


Denise said...

God made you extra special my friend, love you.

Karen said...

Amen...God is so good! He even speaks through our shopping....