Monday, June 14, 2010


While I am out of the country on a missions trip, I am re posting some posts. This post originally posted on December 4, 2009:

We have 3 dogs. Jasmine, Lucy and Maggie. Each has its own personality and habits. It is fun to watch them, and if we try to give one some attention… they all come running. Fighting to get more attention from us than the others.

Have you ever noticed just how faithful your pets can be? It doesn’t matter what we do ~ our dogs are always happy to see us. If we forget to feed them … they still wag their tail when they see us. If we leave them home alone all day long … they still patiently await our arrival. If we accidentally leave them out in the rain … they still love us.

FAITHFUL. I was reminded just the other day just how faithful these canines are. My teen daughter was in her room, all 3 dogs were sprawled out on her floor. She sat down and the black lab (Lucy) came close to her. Anna began to tell Lucy (the canine) all about her awful day. All the while, Lucy listened intently and didn’t take her eyes off of Anna. When Anna finished her story, she looked down at Lucy and asked, “so what do you think?” And almost as if Lucy understood, that canine whined right back at Anna, like she was saying “it’s alright, I’m here for you.”

It’s no wonder that these animals are considered Man’s Best Friend. They are faithful and loyal. Doesn’t this describe exactly the kind of friend that God wants us to be?

PROVERBS 20:6 “Many will say they are loyal friends, but who can find one who is really faithful?”

It may seem like finding such a loyal friend can only be found in our canines, but God has raised us up to pursue a life of faithfulness and loyalty, not only to Him but to those around us. Have you considered what being a loyal friend means to you?

Dear Lord…today I am asking You to help me to be a faithful friend. Help me not only to be loyal to those I call “friends” but also to those that seemingly are “friendless”. May Your loving Spirit shine thru me as I pursue to be the BEST friend that I can possibly be. AMEN

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Denise said...

Prayers remain with you sis, love you.