Friday, November 13, 2009

What color is on your palette?

If attitude could be a color...what color would be on your palette? I have to admit, sometimes my attitude can lack vivid colors. When my day is long and I am beat tired from working all day, only to come home and have to work all night cooking, cleaning, laundry and paying bills, my palette can lack vibrancy. It is days like this that a dark, black cloud seems to move with me from place to place, room to room, attitude to attitude.

Wouldn't it be neat if when our attitude turned sour and it seemed to be tainted black, that a dust of color was blown down from heaven to alter our mind, our thoughts and our attitude. Some days, all we need is just a boost of color to brighten our day.

"Attitude is the mind's paintbrush; it can color any situation." - BARBARA JOHNSON

What color has your attitude been this week? Dull and dreary or vibrant and full of His beauty? Allow God to be the paintbrush and shower color bursts into your attitude!


Debbie said...

This was great Laurie, and I needed it. I have had a HARD week it seems with arthritis pain. I have so much I want/need to get done and it just hinders everything I try to do. I've been somewhat discouraged these last couple of days. I've prayed this morning for God to guard my attitude and then I came on here and read this. Sooo, I think I will color my day with brilliant oranges and rusts and golds...Thanks for this. Blessings, Debbie

Denise said...

You make this world lovely, bless you.

Laurie Ann said...

Great devotion, Laurie. Our attitudes need to be ones that honor Christ - vibrant and full of bright colors, indeed!

Jennifer said...

Great post, Laurie! This week...not so vibrant. Thanks I needed that today.


Tea With Tiffany said...

Color makes the world a beautiful place.

I wonder what color I am. I feel bright and light this week. And yet there's some tough stuff going on in the lives of those I love, therefore I may have some deep colors too.

Thanks for visiting Laced with Grace and commenting on how BIG God is!

Peace and love,