Monday, November 30, 2009

All work and no play!

Sometimes, I can get so wrapped up in what is going on around me in life that I forget that "playing" (or relaxing) should be part of my routine. Especially during the holiday season. Thinking ahead of all that needs to done already has my heart racing and wondering how in the world am I going to get it all accomplished!

All work and no play is not what God had in mind when He spoke about having joy in our life. Sometimes we just need to put other things and other people aside and just focus on His goodness and His beauty. He has made a world so beautiful for us to enjoy, but when we get so wrapped up in "life" ... we sometimes miss out on the pleasures that He has given us.

Once a year, we go on vacation. It is sometimes the highlight of the year. We work hard all year in anticipation of our summer vacation. But just this past week, I was reminded that my time of "relaxing" doesn't have to be just one week out of the year. I don't have to burn myself out with "all work and no play", every now and then I could turn the vacuum off and sit down and read a book, or close my blog page and click on a favorite computer game. Going on a short bike ride or a quick walk can also bring some relaxation into my life.

ECCLESIASTES 3:11 "God made everything beautiful in itself and it its time." (MSG)

Are we too busy to even recognize the beauty of Gods hand around us? Are we so consumed with the holiday Christmas list that we miss out on the stars in the sky or the fresh snow just fallen on the trees? God's beauty is all around us to soak in and bring rest to our spirit and body ... take time today to enjoy it!


Debbie said...

WOW again you have practically read my mind. It was kind of what my latest post was about in that we often times are sooo busy with the "urgent" things in our life that dominate our time and minds that we are too busy just to enjoy it or to spend enough time with Him. This was good and for me very timely. My grandson JD is having surgery today at 11:30, if you could please lift him in prayer I would be most appreciative. It is not a serious surgery or anything, but he is only 3 and has to be completely put out. His mama is quite apprehensive as well. Have a wonderful day Laurie, Blessings Debbie

Denise said...