Friday, November 27, 2009

Liquid Love

When you fill up a glass full of milk or any other beverage ... what is inside the glass is what will come out. This thought reminds me of when God filled me with His Spirit ... it felt like He had filled me with liquid love.

God did something inside of me, and what I was feeling inside is what showed up on the outside of me. I felt happier. I loved more. I had the ability to forgive. I became more patient. Grace was not so hard for me to extend to others.

Having this kind of change inside of us is much like going to the beverage stand at the restuarant where you can just keep refilling and refilling your drink. God's liquid love is never ending as He continues to fill us as we seek Him.

Is your glass of "liquid love" full or empty? Ask God today to renew, restore and re-fill you! And He will.

2 CORINTHIANS 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new."


Debbie said...

I love that - God's liquid love. I will never forget that analogy. Thank you for that. His Spirit works within me and transforms me. Sometimes my flesh gets in the way but I'm learning to lay it all down and give Him the controls of my life.


Denise said...

Amen, He will fill you to overflowing joy.

Melanie said...

Laurie, What a wonderful analogy! It IS like that... God continues to fill us with his love!

Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend with the family!

Debbie said...

AGAIN with the wonderful illustration...I love to think of the Holy Spirit being an unlimited drink fountain. We can just go back and refill whenever we want to. And if we are REALLY smart, we will NOT wait till the cup is empty, but just keep topping it off, haha Have a wonderful week-end Laurie, Blessings, Debbie

Cassandra Falun said...

Wow! I was visiting my moms blog and something popped out in your name. I came and read it. You have such a good point. Gods love is liquid and it doesn't just fill our cup-- it is overflowing.

(God Is in Control is my moms blog)

Thanks for the message, glad I came by!

God Bless