Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A PIECE OF MY HEART ... Asking the question "Why?"

When children are small, they are prone to ask mommy and daddy "why" questions...

"Why is the sky blue?"
"Why don't fish wear shoes?"
"Why do bears live in caves?"

So many questions ... but yet few answers. I recall my kids being very inquisitive, our second son Jeremy was very inquisitive, always asking the "why" questions and no matter what answer I gave him - he wanted to know more.

There were just some things that I did not know the answer to and all I could simply say was "because...that's why Jeremy...just because."

Sometimes that was enough to satisfy him and sometimes it wasn't. I was reminded this week that even as adults, many times we are still asking the "why" questions. Except this time we are asking God ..."Why God, why?" Jeremy, the little inquisitive boy called me up from his home in Utah and asked me that very familiar question this week ...."Why Mom, Why?" This time he was not asking because he was a youngster, but he was asking as a man, a husband, and as someone who just needed to know God's answer to his question.

I couldn't answer him how I would like to of, because I did not know the answer. Sometimes we are hesitant to ask such questions out of fear that God would look at us to be unfaithful or have unbelief. Perhaps we find ourselves in a desperate situation that causes us to put God's Word to the test.

My son found himself to be in a desperate situation this week, and he found himself looking for answers. Some questions in life just go unanswered. There are some "Whys?" that just cannot be explained. We can love God with all of our heart but yet seek to ask desperate questions.

It is ok to ask God questions. It is even ok to ask God "Why, God why?" Sometimes the only answer we will hear is "Be still and know that I am God".

Be still? Yes, that is a promise that we can put to the test  ~ for His Word says He will never leave us nor forsake us. "But why?" ... because "Nothing can separate us from His love ...no, nothing!"

and that's a piece of my heart today;


Debbie said...

This blessed me as always Lsurie, and honestly my heart has gone there many times...and I do know what you mean about how you can feel that "maybe" it is umfaithful to question and wonder. And yet I always come back to He knows how I feel anyway rather I confess it or not. He wants me to poor out my heart to Him, and sometimes my heart is troubled, weary and wondering. I have never been able to tell my oldest son "why" God chose to take his young wife whom he loved beyond measure at 26...things we will never know till we are with Him someday. But I just trust Him for my best and that I don't have to know His reasons now or maybe even never till I stand before Him some day, and in meantime, if my heart struggles at times, it is OK, he understands and loves me anyway. Have a good day. Blessings to you, Debbie

I LOVE that verse...Be still and know that I am God...

Denise said...

You are such a precious blessing.