Friday, September 18, 2009

LACED WITH GRACE...everything is changing

Today I have a devotion posted over at LACED WITH GRACE,
it is entitled "Everything is changing"...

"I have reached a point in my life where everything seems to be changing. I have stepped over into a whole new stage of life …. mother of grown kids! Recently, we drove our youngest son to college 6 hours from home. Certainly, I was prepared for this change in our life, as we had already moved 2 of our 3 boys out of the house. Part of me was very excited about spending the next four years with our daughter, (the youngest and only daughter) but at the same time such a sadness came over me that our 3 boys were all on their own. Upon arriving back home from our weekend trip of moving son #3 into college, a sudden change seemed to have taken over our house..." (continue reading)

Have a great weekend!

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