Friday, September 11, 2009


I have to admit, it seems like this week the enemy has been working overtime!! My heart has been so heavy and burdened for people close to me that are struggling and hurting. More than one time today, I hung up the phone with someone I loved and literally wept tears for them.
Why does my friend have to struggle like this?
Why does my loved one have to be so heartbroken?
Why do people have to be so insensitive and unforgiving?
Why God? ... it's just not fair!

Sometimes, we can get so downtrodden and frustrated and hurt and weary that we just simply lose our focus! Everything can be going along good and then WHAM! someone says or does something that offends us. It feels like life has just given us lemons.
How easily we can become angry, mad, and ungodly.

Even though I still hurt for my loved ones who are going thru a difficult time right now, I realize that we are living in a battlefield ... Satan will stop at nothing to get into our thoughts and our minds. The mind is a battlefield!

Losing our focus will throw us off guard. It will lower our attack ability and it will keep us from keeping our tank full of God's love!

No matter what comes your way today
... keep focused by renewing your mind!
(Life does not have to be a bowl of lemons!)


Denise said...

So very true, bless you beautiful daughter of the King.

Karen said...

Praise God. He is all we need. He is there. Hallelujah.

Shirley said...

This week has been heartbreaking for us also, a friend that was told she has cancer, an elderly member of our family that has been taken to the nursing home for her own safety, and many others that are just hurting. Painful situations that without Jesus would be hopeless. We just need to stand in the gap for those that are hurting! Blessings to you!

Melanie said...

Oh, Laurie.. I so know how you feel! I have felt similar this summer as I have watched my uncle struggle with cancer and other medical issues. My heart breaks for him and for my aunt as she has to deal with him being so ill, as well.

Keeping focused on the Lord does help, though. As I spent time with this weekend I could see His hand all over the situation.. what a comfort... regardless of where this road leads.

Love you!

P.S. - If I ever am in Arkansas and in the Memphis area I will certainly give you a call. I would love to meet you, too!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

How true.