Friday, September 4, 2009


HAVE YOU EVER had someone say something to you or one of your kids and the only thing you could think is "did they even think before they said that?"

It amazes me how some people can say just about anything to anyone and not even realize the damage that comes with their words. Our words need to be lifting up and edifying. Just because someone does something wrong in your eyes does not give anyone full authority to slam them. It is not our place to put judgement on anyone ...that honor belongs to God!

I am married to a pastor, and it seems like my kids are held under a microscope just because they are pk's. I have a huge secret to tell ... my kids are no different than yours: they are ALL sinners saved by grace! Pk's are no better nor worse than yours!

(ok ... I'm coming down off of my soapbox now ....)

Let's remember to encourage one another and when our brother or sister gets down ... let's not kick them, instead lets reach out a hand to lift them back up! and remember that none of us is perfect, so be careful before you cast a stone.

(whew I feel about you?) Some things just need to be said!


Denise said...

Amen, preach it wise sister. I love you.

Melanie said...

Words can be so painful!! Great verse and reminder to us all that we MUST watch what comes out of our mouths.

Have a great weekend, Laurie!

Anonymous said...

i l0VE that post. More than you know! This explains sooooo much to those who DON'T know! :) Love yall.