Monday, September 17, 2018

A Shift in the Wind

Going to the beach on a holiday was one of our favorite things to do when our children were younger. To save alittle money, we would always go late in the season which meant "storm season".

One particular year, we enjoyed 2 weeks on the sandy shoreline but on our last day there, a shift in the wind happened. Storms were brewing up all around us and the dark clouds could be seen in our rear view mirror as we drove out of town. A day later, we heard the news. The storm we saw was no ordinary storm but remnants of a hurricane that swept in and took out many businesses along the beach, including the very condo that we had stayed. 

A shift in the wind brought about some sudden changes for that beach town. Likewise, when the wind shifts in our life, change is inescapable. Many fear change, but sometimes God must shift our wind to place us where He needs us to be. 

Perhaps your wind has shifted in a relationship, or a job, or a way of thinking. Whatever change you are encountering, recognize that your wind shift doesn't have to be turbulent. God often times changes our wind so that He can place us right where He needs us to be.

"For he commanded and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea." (Psalm 107:25)

If you see dark clouds in your rear view mirror, leave it behind and trust the Wind of God.


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