Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A PIECE OF MY HEART...Turn up your hearing aid!

“Doc, since you fixed my hearing aid, I don’t miss a thing!” crowed the elderly patient.

“Your family must be happy, not having to yell so much any more,” replied the audiologist.

“Oh, I haven’t told them,” he explained, “and since I’ve been listening to their conversations, I’ve changed my will three times!”

Many times, when people speak, we only hear what we want to hear. I would say that is also true of our relationship with God sometimes.

We pray.
We fast.
We pray some more.

But do we listen? What do we hear the Lord saying to us?

Many times, we do all the right things, (pray, read the Bible, fast) but we still tune out what the Lord is trying to speak to us. We allow circumstances and other people's voices stand in the way of what God is speaking. We tune Him out and listen to what we WANT to hear, instead of what the Lord is saying.

"Speak; for Thy servant heareth." 1Samuel 3:10

In order to hear clearly what God is speaking, we have to turn our hearing aids up. Be careful though, you might be surprised at what you will hear! 

and this has been a piece of  my heart today;


Dionna said...

Mmmmm - very good.

Heather said...

Very good thoughts! Very wise!