Monday, September 11, 2017

LACED WITH GRACE...are you burdened for the unchurched?

How burdened are you for the unchurched?
Recently, my husband was having a conversation with someone about the burden that he has for those who have left the church. While often times there is not much a Pastor can do about those who choose to uproot and leave, it is still a burden they carry, as far as their relationship with God.
In a recent survey conducted by Reachrightstudios, a ghastly number was revealed that 59% of millennial’s who grew up in church are now leaving the church. Not to go to another denomination, but walking away from their faith!
That statistic should alarm you if you are a Believer. As Pastors, I  can assure you that it bothers us, even worries us.We have one of the greatest mission fields right in our own backyard with those who are unchurched.
The feedback that my husband received about his worry for those who have gone out the backdoor kind of surprised me and sent me on this trail of wondering where my own burden lies. He was told he needed to be delivered of worry. Now, I would agree that it isn’t good for a Believer to worry, for God says that He will take care of everything, even the tiny sparrow. But worry and burden are two different things.
The Apostle Paul possessed the most effective tool for evangelism: a burden for those who did not know Jesus. His burden for his own people to become Believers burned inside of him. He sums up what was in his heart in Romans 9 where he basically says, if it was possible, he would give up his own hope of eternal life so that those who didn’t have it could.
(Roman 9:2,3) “that I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers.”
Paul strove to reach as many people as possible for the Gospel. I am sure that even Paul, the great teacher that he was, had some walk away. But his burden for those who rebuked him and walked away from the Message never stopped him from caring or praying for them.
We all know someone who has walked away for one reason or another. What have you done about it…have you prayed? Have you cared? Do you still have a burden?
It is my prayer that I will never stop worrying (having a burden) for the unchurched to come back Home.
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